How Different A Lifestyle Can Be

writingOver the weekend my mom was washing my hair and I started talking to her about my blog and something cool the probably shouldn’t matter so much, but when somebody thinks, it makes you really happy inside and honestly my mom liked it too! I don’t feel like sharing it at the moment. Sorry! She asked me if I had read Gwyneth Pathrow’s blog before. I told her no, I didn’t know she had one. According to my mom she blogs about how you can get these really expensive pillows and etc, and I brought up Elsa Pataky’s blog that she does for Spain’s magazine version of Glamour and I told her that she does the basically same thing, but I love Elsa so I can’t talk bad about her stuff! Both of these ladies make a lot of movies and CAN afford to live these lifestyles, whereas most of us can’t. I like being cheap and I’m being honest here. I don’t see anything wrong with it. I think you are smarter with how you spend your money when you’re on a budget. If an unlimited credit card, you’re a goner with self-control. I’ve learned to save up my money for something that’s going to last me longer than some pillow that a dog can simply pee on. That’s just my opinion though.

Growing up in the way I did I think made me comfortable in the lifestyle I live today. Even though, it’s not the best and I sometimes it was better, but I can’t say I don’t love it. I consider my life an alternative lifestyle because it’s not as mainstream as everybody’s lives. It’s never been a normal one. I’ve always had something that could be considered “old” or “outdated” and I’ve pretty content with that, which is probably why I’ve grown to appreciate those times of things a lot more than others do. As a person with disabilities, you have to accept your body and the fact that you can’t change it as much as you’d like to. I think one of the biggest factors why I was so against embracing myself was the fact I had to have a lot of expensive things to help me out, like my custom electric wheelchair. Basically anything that I’ve gotten to help make things easier for my parents and I has brought a lot of uneasy thoughts to float around in my mind. Most have went away because they have done exactly that, make things easier. My lifestyle is a lot different from my sister’s, she is more carefree and has friends to do stuff with and just be a normal young adult. I think I’ve turned into a wiser and thoughtful person in the last few years. I know how far I’ve come in my life and I want to help others like me, but there is one little problem. I’d rather they read my blog than come to me for advice because I feel like out in the open, I’m not the best inspiration ever. I know I’m wrong all over the place, but that’s me for you!

The whole reason of why I gave you these two examples is the fact that they have money and can buy healthy things like organic food and bedding, doesn’t mean you should go out of your way and get it, just because they do! Something similar to this happened a couple of months ago, I found Teresa Palmer and Phoebe Tonkin’s blog Your Zen Life and I’ve got to say, for a person like me who tries really hard to see the positive in the negative and always looking at things in another perspective, it’s a really good getaway for you! I read how healthy they have become to enjoy their lifestyles of feeling comfortable in not only their bodies, but also their souls! I was really thinking of changing my lifestyle on how I eat. I mean, it’s not the best. I have a can of pop from the time I get up in the morning from the time I go to bed. Sometimes I do drink cold water, milk, and apple juice but it’s kind of rare anymore. Even though in the past few days I have had chocolate milk and it’s been so amazing! I’ve found those flavored-waters online and I miss smoothies so much! I might have to talk my mom into getting out the blender again! I hardly ever have snacks, and if I do have a snack I try to get my mom to get some granola bars for me at the store. If I just want chocolate, I usually have my mom get me a big dark chocolate bar. If nobody takes a bite of it, that can last me a week at least! Meals in general; I eat microwave meals and if my dad makes something I like, I eat that, but it’s usually sandwiches and the meals.

Everytime I would like to eat healthy, something’s always there keeping me from doing it. It would be different if I was the one getting what I wanted but sadly I can’t. My mom says the meals are basically my “healthy diet” but I wish I could make myself feel a little bit better, but would I be able to give up my caffeine? Oh, god no! Maybe I can go with one a day, but I’m thinking I’ll only last probably two days and want my pop again. I try to eat healthy, but I’ve been on the wrong path for years that I guess I should be happy for the healthy appetite I do have for the foods I eat now. I’m not trying to lose weight because I think that would be unhealthy on my tiny body. I would look really sick if I tried to do that. I think if you can do it, if you have the resources in reach, you should take advantage of it. I’m not saying for the ones like myself should give up what we want, but I think we should do somethings a little out of the box.


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