Summer DIY Projects

writingI know I’m getting ahead of myself again, but I’ve just been thinking about things and I know I say a lot of things that usually never happen, but I at least want to try to do some things this summer that will keep me entertained and give me something to do again. When you’re at home all the time, you get bored very easily and it doesn’t make a good blog unless you end up finding something to keep you occupied throughout the rest of your time at home before you get bored again. I’m probably boring you right now. Let me start over, what do you do to keep busy? Especially in the summer?

I’ve been doing little DIY projects here and there, but I haven’t done one in a while and I think I’m going through withdraws. The last big project I did were the pumpkins last fall. If I put anything else in the front yard, it may not stay there the whole season. My dad redid our front porch I think last year or the year before that, and it looks beautiful, but my mom’s little scarecrow isn’t doing its job of looking home-y and we still have our Christmas lights out on the porch and I’m betting they don’t work anymore because of the kittens. Which leads into my next thought, as much I’d like to grow my own plants, I think the kittens would get into them and ruin them. I think we got lucky with pumpkins because they were larger than the cats. Even the bigger one was bigger than both Bootsie and Tubby combined! I have no idea what I really want to do and I would like to do them on my own, but that’s also easier said than done. My mom told me earlier yesterday that she and dad talked about growing some plants out in the yard. Apparently, my mom thinks I want to plant vegetables and herbs, but I’d like to attempt some pretty flowers. My mind just gave me a good thought to process though. If I was to grow flowers instead I’d be stuck to deal with the bees. So I just have my dad buy me some fake flowers the next time he goes to Wal-Mart instead! I’ll grow some herbs I guess since my mom wants to grow corn, cucumbers, carrots and I think tomatoes, but I could be wrong though! I’ll have to ask my dad what kind of herbs he wants, since he’s the one who likes to use them in his cooking!

Here are some of my little projects I was thinking of doing this summer.

  • Shoe Box OrganizerI don’t honestly know who needs this more. If I could find more shoe boxes I could make one for me, my parents and my nana. I think these things are cute and you can decorate them with cute paper so others don’t know it’s a shoe box. I desperately need to do this and soon!
  • Sharpie MugI think the decorated mugs are so cute and I would love to decorate a few and give them away to family or maybe decorate one and put it somewhere I can see it everyday.
  • CandleI love candles, but I can’t really have them as my dad doesn’t like strong smelly things in the house. However, I would like to make one as according to my nana she used to know how to make them and made them all the time.
  • Skull Cut Out – I’ve seen this shirts on Pinterest and I would love to make one myself as I love skulls so much! I actually want to do one for a friend of mine too as she loves skulls too!
  • Button Bobby Pins or PaperclipsMy nana has a whole little tub of random buttons that has fallen off clothes and etc and I saw this pin once and thought it would be cute and useful not only for your hair but I was thinking of making them for bookmarks too!
  • Print Plate CoverI have one that isn’t used or I don’t think it’s even plugged in. We don’t know why it’s never worked but I would love to replace the old ones with new ones as the light one isn’t that pretty to look at either.
  • Pictures In One FrameAs you may know I love old Hollywood glam, like a lot! I follow two separate pages on Facebook, one is for 20’s to 40’s Hollywood celebrities and the other is silent film era. I happen to love both very much and think those times were interesting and fun. So I was thinking of getting a frame that was big enough to hold a lot of pictures but I don’t the spaces to be too small. I would like to put my favorites inside each part and then after I’m finished with it, hang it up above my head because I have old poster there that needs to come down.
  • Spikes Or StudsI have been wanting to add spikes and/or studs onto my clothes for a while, I just don’t know what shirt to add it them to, until I bought my fourth FFDP shirt and it’s like an army green and it look likes it needs gold spikes on the shoulders. If I got some new black pants then I could add the spikes onto them by the sleeves.

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