Picture It & Write: Face Down (PG-13)

I was unfaithful.
To my heart, my soul, my kids, my parents, my co-workers, my wife and to my mistress.
Everybody wanted a piece of me but there wasn’t enough of me to go around.
It was the same feeling every Wednesday and Friday evening.
My wife and child would be gone to after school activities and I’d be out with her.
The other woman, who I had met at a dinner party hosted by my boss.
She sat on the stool by the bar, sipping her sweet champagne.
Her eyes were her most prized possession and her body glowed in that little black dress she wore so good.
Every man wanted her but I was her prey, you could tell she had practice at this, because she knew exactly every word I’d say and didn’t believe it.
When she started to look me up and down, she checked her unhealthy interests and of course, my wedding ring.
I never bothered to hide it from her but it didn’t seem to bother her either at first.
She gave me her number and home address and said if I ever needed to spice things up in my life, I could start with her.
The first night with her was wonderful.
She knew I felt nervous but the fear of my wife finding out about her was in the back of my mind.
She made me forget about my life before, the joy and sorrow that collided in between.
She made me her slave; I followed her rules or she’d make me pay for disobeying her.
Five weeks passed and as the nights and days started to intertwine with each other, my mind started to play tricks on me.
After I made love to her, I said I loved her.
When I’d make love to my wife, I’d bring up the commands.
Both women were so beautiful that it was easy to get them confused, but the one who freaked out the most was my mistress.
She was not in the mood to share this time.
She wanted me all to herself but for how long?
How long will she want me, us, until the fire inside burned out?
Will my wife forgive me for the ways I have torn my family apart?
Or will she accept me and this new lifestyle and join me into the escape?
Well, here was my three o’clock.


8 thoughts on “Picture It & Write: Face Down (PG-13)

  1. I like this moment, ‘After I made love to her, I said I loved her./When Iā€™d make love to my wife, Iā€™d bring up the commands.’ Really clever word choice.

    – Ermisenda


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