This Saturday Morning

Hello, today is Saturday and hopefully if I have enough energy you will get two posts for the day.

Last night I got to watch my show again. I also finally got to record things again, so I taped National Treasure and I love that movie! I blame my teachers for picking it for us to watch in US History. Don’t worry, it was our last week in that class! I’m taping Pain & Gain tonight and Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters tomorrow afternoon. I don’t think I’ll get through it but it has Jeremy Renner in it. It surprises you how much, if you space out while you’re in the car and somebody else is driving, you space out. We were driving today and I saw a lot more things than I usually see on our way there. It was so weird to see these different things and wondered, “why haven’t I seen that before?” like in a town Wheatland, there’s a house that was on the news for created a roller coaster on his property. Everytime my parents and I would drive down that road, we’d see if we could find it. I was expecting it to be a big thing. We finally found it on our way home and it looks so damn tiny! It looks like a kiddy roller coaster. On our way there and back home, I finally said to myself that I really want to visit a farmer’s market, a big one. I’ve always thought they were interesting and smart to do shopping for food. We past little stands on our way there, in the fall they sale pumpkins and peaches. After the last few days of spring rain, the river has flooded and it looks pretty wicked let me say! The trees are still bare but I’ve got to say I’ve seen some beautiful white dogwood trees this morning that I literally wanted to take home and plant in the front yard. My parents would probably hate me if I did that to their pretty yard.

My morning started off pretty good. I woke up and my mom took me to the bathroom like she usually does. Yesterday, from the last time I talked to my mom, she was going to drop me off at my nana’s house so she could go pick my sister up to bring her home. While I was talking to her this morning, I had told her that if she didn’t feel like taking me over, she could just leave me at home because I was tired enough I could have just went back to sleep. She knows me better than that and knows I hardly ever go back to sleep after she takes me to the bathroom. So she ended up just taking me with her. She let me bring my headphones and iPod with me as she listens to her Spotify on her phone now as she drives. I don’t see how that’s really safe, but I didn’t want to argue with her so I just kept my mouth shut. For the whole ride there, it was silent. We both had our headphones on, but by the time we got to Sullivan and Carlile her connection kept going in and out, so I had to laugh at her and she kept showing on her inner road rage as her music kept stopping in the middle of the songs. When we arrived, I took off my headphones and gave them a rest but it wasn’t effective as mom wasn’t happy with her phone and had the radio put up on high. When we picked her up and was driving home, Blondie noticed she forgot her headphones so I let her borrow mine and I got to control the car radio for half of the drive home because mom still had trouble with hers.

We just got home from picking up Blondie for the weekend as its one of my favorite times of the year. Prom season. For a girl of any age that loves to get their hair done, have special make-up, nails, and jewelry on, and have the right dress and shoes to match everything. If you were to ask me during my junior year, you would think I hated it. That first year of getting ready for prom basically was way too overwhelming and it was a mess. Senior year was a LOT better, as it was much more calmer than the first try. I remember while I would watch grand march and go to both of my proms, I always loved the ones who got to go all four years of high school and if they were from another school, they took their friend or partner with them to theirs. I always thought that was cool, but once I was out of school that kind of changed. I didn’t think it was so cool when I went back for grand march the year after I graduated. I missed powder puff football more than prom. However, I try to go to grand march every year to see the beautiful dresses and try not to drool over the boys who have to wear their army uniform. It’s happened before, trust me! So like I said, if I don’t pass out when I get home tonight I will blog about the dresses and hopefully share the dress my sister’s wearing tonight as well!


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