Prom Madness 2014


Like I promised, I have enough energy and have lots to talk about for my second post of the day!! So first off, this is my sister’s dress. It is a one-shoulder dress and it looks pinkish but that’s mainly because I added another effect to make the picture pop, but really the color is a mixture of pink, red, and orange. I wouldn’t even call it coral either, because I had a coral dress and mine didn’t look like hers. Anyways, it’s got some “bling” on the one strap going around to the other side and has a short skirt but also a long trail in the back. It’s very pretty and different from both of our dresses we’ve had in the past. This is the first year my sister has ever had brown hair instead of her blonde locks. Also, she has her trustee sliver high heels that she’s had since the end of middle school and they still fit her too! Thank god for them! Her date was supposed to wear his army uniform, but instead he got a nice black tux and white and gray vest. He even got her a cute little corshe that matched his vest.

We’ve had a nice afternoon, before everything happened, we went back to the house and chilled out for a few hours as we knew it wasn’t going to take her that long to get ready as she was going to do her hair herself. So she got ready at my nana’s house like every prom. While she was getting ready and curling her hair, my nana let me finish off what was left of my ice cream. After she was done, it was picture time and she took pictures of herself for her friends on Snapchat. My mom took out her phone and started snapping a few, but while nana was working on something, Blondie wanted a picture with mom. Nana was busy and I thought I’d just take it. I have a mini iPod Touch and I love it, but my big toes don’t really fit well on it. So when she gave me her phone the first question was, “okay how do you work this thing?” Thankfully, it’s just one button, but I had troubles with keeping my feet steady as I kept shaking like crazy, afraid it was going to drop down to the floor. It didn’t and I successfully did my first picture on a touch screen phone. I’m moving up in the world! It’s those little things that make you happy! Afterwards, she wanted one with our nana and I went to do it again, but I kept shaking and by this time, my mom was watching me and laughing her ass off. Apparently it looked like I was driving a car steering wheel and making a left turn! I have a good sense of humor and I was even laughing at myself! It was the nerves damn it!

Around 5pm my sister started to get a little worried as her date wasn’t answering his phone and when he tried to call him, it went straight to voicemail. My mom was outside on the porch, and noticed this white car basically circling the block really slowly. He was clearly lost. My mom came in and told her, “is that him?” and she went running out the door and missed him twice. He went around the block about three times and even asked a family, who were going to the same prom and asked for directions. When she finally got outside, they had to practically yell his name down the street. Poor guy! When he saw the waving hands he turned around and took pictures with his date and I finally got introduced to him officially as did my mom and my grandparents too! He said that he went around the block for only fifteen minutes but it felt like an hour. After he gave her (still shaking) the thing that goes on her wrist, they took a couple more pictures and then they left. My mom and I were a little bit behind them. We had to park in the back part of the parking lot of the school and we saw one of her friends, she came over and introduced her friend and gave us hugs. When we went inside, it was a bit weird as I hadn’t been inside that building since my sister graduated last May. The junior class theme was “Take My Breath Away” and every year, they usually have soft music playing in the background but this time they actually had a real song. It was “Take My Breath Away” by Jessica Simpson and it played five times throughout the whole grand march. I won’t be listening to that song anytime soon and I’m pretty sure I know every word now.

The grand march theme was lit up like a freaking Christmas tree, but a very girly tree though! On the floor was gray paper, there was a paper that had a gray brick pattern like they were stepping on stones. Surrounding the step like path, were some kind of ruffles with white lights inside the ruffles. There were small black trees on two different sides by the bleachers and they were lit up, that’s why I gave it that expression. Also, they had a small black bridge that they made and every year, since girls like to wear long dresses and high heels, those types of props aren’t the best ever. When I was a junior, our prom committee wasn’t thinking clearly at all and our grand march just looked awful! My senior year, they had a fountain and I loved that! All right, now onto my favorite part to talk about, the dresses! Every prom there is always a theme of dresses, usually it’s just one but this year it was two! The short dresses were a BIG thing this year. So basically, Blondie had the right idea as everybody else had the short front but a train in the back. The other trend was the sparkly dresses! Lots and lots of dresses that had glittery detail.I love to look at dresses on Pinterest and kind of wonder if anybody will ever wear one that’ll recognize and I only saw one that I have pinned! There were also not very many plain dresses either! There was one dress that was tan or some call it “nude” and it looked absolutely beautiful on this girl! I saw a lot less animal print this year. Thank god! I saw two beautiful red dresses and five purple dresses! The only dress I actually wanted was the full gold sequins dress. The guys were very handsome and some even surprised me! However, there was one that I’m still trying to figure out. He wore white pants that cut off at the shins. Everybody in the room giggled, no joke!

As my mom and I were leaving, she turned to me and said that she didn’t really like very many dresses this year. I disagreed with her, I pretty much loved every dress I saw tonight. That never happens! What surprised me was none of the guys wore their army uniforms. Something else, I didn’t know very many people there and I felt so old because of these juniors and seniors were now about to turn into adults soon and I remember them being so small! Once we got back into town, my mom did our basic prom tradition, rent movies for me. I got both Frozen and American Hustle. So in other words, I went from a G rated movie to a R rated movie in less than two hours. I’m still working on the second movie and they’re due back tomorrow before they close. I may not be able to finish it tonight. That concludes this year of prom madness! I don’t know if my sister is going next year or not. So this may be my last until fate leads me into another prom soon! Enjoy your Saturday night and be safe!

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