Picture It & Write: Power Of Will

emotional portrait
Photography by mehmeturgut on Deviantart.

The oxygen in this place was low.
My skin was turning pale and getting colder.
When I started coughing uncontrollably I knew my death was coming soon.
When gravity reversed my weight it lifted it up to the roof and my mind was taken over by whatever had me in their possession now.
My hands felt lifeless and my body was weightless, I stood still in the air, breaking in the mold of this strange place.
I could hardly breathe through my nose and mouth without my lungs feeling the tightness inside.
My hair whipped around my neck and face like the wind had picked it up, but there was no breeze to make it move that way.
I felt trapped and lost all hope for myself and all of a sudden, my body weight was normal again and I felt the pull again down to the ground and landed straight on my feet.
Whatever spirit that wanted to make me its next home, obviously lost to my soul.
After checking myself if I could still work every limb in my body, I started walking the heck of there and as I walked I could feel something watching me walk away and slightly say “good-bye.”


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