10 Things I Like About Myself

So I’ve found something new and good to do. I have a found this adorable link up, proudly titled “10 Things I Like About Myself” by Avoiding Atrophy. I found it firstly on Twitter just now from another blogger who contributed and then I found this cute little blog. I am always in the mood for fun and simple, plus very positive things such as this. So can you name ten things that you love about yourself? 

I did this last 10 or 11 days ago. So I’m pretty sure the link-up is closed now, but I still wanted to post it anyways! ♥

  1. My eyes – I love my eyes, I have one normal eye and the other growing up was my lazy eye. I had to wear glasses in school and I absolutely hated it. I thought my eyes were too pretty to have weird glasses on them while I was in my classes. I have always had a slight obsession with eyes. I don’t know how it got started, I’m really hoping it wasn’t after the time my old Elementary Principal opened a cow’s eye. I’ve always loved drawing eyes, I have dark eyes too, and they’ve been the easiest to draw because with darker colors you can hide your mistakes a lot easier with a darker color.
  2. My butt – Now it’s not because it’s huge or anything, I mean it is rather large, but my butt means a lot more than most people. A normal person just sits on theirs, I constantly move because I have always known to scoot on my butt. That’s why it’s so large! I have to depend on my butt to not let me fall off my wheelchairs, bed, and lose my balance just sitting on the floor. Trust me, it happens.
  3. My back – I have always thought my back was cool, I mean, how many people can say that they have titanium rods in their back and say it with a straight face? Not very many people! I had Scoliosis and I had three surgeries to fix the curvature in my spine. I even have a missing rib too! I had the rods aligned in my spine plus the metal pins in my hips keeping them there. They always say your scars tell a bigger story about you than just your words. I have two giant scars in two different areas plus the small places were different things were attached to help it all.
  4. Patience – I think I have better patience for certain things. On a good day I can be very upbeat and find something to get me through until whatever is taking forever to work. You should see me on a good day when our internet connection goes out! I recently tested out my length of patience. I had gotten three iTunes gift cards for Christmas, and I didn’t start using them until late January and I spaced them out. So happy for myself! Hell even my mom was surprised but proud of me too!
  5. Caring – I care a lot for almost everything! I say “almost” because you can’t count a few things. I care about everybody that I’m around. I always have, but it’s created a few negatives that I hate–wait, wrong list! Sorry! I can even say I care about the littlest things like my iPod and wheelchair. If I break something that has to do with anything I feel awful about it.
  6. Being Very Creative – Apparently everybody thinks that’s a good thing, but there can be too much creativity too! However, I love being to figure out a new idea in my head when I get a different topic and/or photo. I have very lucid dreams that I can remember my dreams a lot better than normal people. In the past, I have put an animated character from a Disney movie with a live person.
  7. Weirdness – I like the fact that I love my weirdness and that I have embraced that side of me. People don’t think my personality, it “weird” but they’re lying. I am a weird freaking person, just say it already!
  8. Sense Of Humor – I got majority of my sense of humor from my family, mostly my mother’s side of the family. I am an observer when people are around, I’m not shy or anything, I’m just waiting for the opportunity to come around use my wit to either break the ice or make the fun continue.
  9. My love of action movies & heavy metal – This kind of goes with #7 a little, because it’s a little weird considering with heavy metal, I was never into it AT ALL growing up and then in 2009 I wanted to get into another music genre and I’ve renamed it my “music phase” because I constantly change all the time. My love for action movies is a little weird too, in a sense I was raised on them more than drama, romance, and animated movies. I love the movies of rebooted movies and TV shows, like X-Men, Star Trek, Transformers etc. I just saw the teaser trailer for TNMT (Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles) yesterday and I am looking forward to that!
  10. Perspective – Over the years, as I have grown I have learned that we tend to look at ourselves in one way. We look at ourselves as what others see us as, and I should know about this because I used to think the same way. When we look at ourselves through other people’s eyes, we see flaws, imperfections, and pain and we use it against us. What I try to do now is take a few steps back and look at others in my eyes. Confused? What I do is that I take everything in, whether it be the scenery or a person in general. I don’t make judgements so quickly (at least I try not to) and I try to keep myself open-minded throughout the whole. People use the word perspective but they don’t know the meaning of it or how to use it the right way.

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