Picture It & Write: Continued Existence

This morning I was working on a short story of one of the writing prompts I found yesterday. This is like a summary of the two main characters of the story, Moira and her younger sister Mirabella “Bella” and how they go about their lives in the present. I’m working on their past and already have three pages of work done. I’ve decided to not share it at the moment, so I hope you can forgive me and accept this as your gift for the meantime.

The rain hits the glass windows at a high-speed.
The light is shielded away from the grey clouds bringing in the thunder and lightning.
She wants to reach out for the light once more, but it fading away.
She closes her eyes to hopefully awaken her from this bad dream.
She falls on her face in hopes of seeing the light faster.
Gravity pulls her down to the floor and keeps her there until the storm has vanished.
Her lucid dreams keep her mind awake but her eyes shut.
Swords and screams from the horror of her past.
Hands letting go and souls being burned away.
Earth took back its home as the sky took away hers.
Tears dripped down her cheek in the mist of her memories.
The little girl she had known from so long ago, smiled and giggled kindly, but was slowly taken back into the very core of her mind.
Her mother running down the hill to try to save her youngest daughter, she watched as her other two daughters ran for safety.
A twister whisked them away from the ground and then Bella awoken with a loud scream.
Her older sister ran to her side, it had been a thousand years since that very day but they were still haunted of what is still after them and their past.
Bella sits on the floor, clutching her older sister while she fixes her drapes of the window and closes them to hopefully calm her down.
Present day the fear of terror lingered on inside of themselves, they were immortal beings living in their own sort of hell by themselves.


6 thoughts on “Picture It & Write: Continued Existence

  1. I really liked the visual of “Her lucid dreams keep her mind awake but her eyes shut.” It’s such a powerful statement because often when we think of being awake, we naturally have our eyes open. So it was cool that you put those two images so close together. Thanks for contributing this week! I’m glad the image inspired you. 🙂

    – Ermisenda


  2. bloomnpsycho

    A vivid portrait of PTSD in action. There are some things we can never forget and are doomed to keep reliving them. My wish is that no-one had to suffer so.


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