The Embarrassment Of The Past

It’s a lazy but relaxing Saturday for me. After using the crap out of my legs and toes, they’re not really getting much of a break, considering I’m typing this out right now. Everytime I think as much energy I used up yesterday doing all that work, I might get a full night’s sleep. Nope, if anything it’s rare if I get a full five hours of sleep at night. I got up twice last night and the first round, I somehow went back to sleep, but that second round took me until 10am this morning to go back to sleep. So I’ve been very tired and lazy today, but I’m in good spirits as I have sugar running through my body at the moment. It’s just one of those days where it’s best to watch movies all day long. However, I’m only in the mood for one movie today. Last night, one of my dad’s friend sent over Thor: The Dark World for me to watch as I still hadn’t seen it. I finished it probably an hour ago and it was so nice the first hour I watched it, the look of Asgard and the majestic vibe of it is just amazing. Is it weird that I’m actually listening to the score as we speak? I’ve been trying to “calm down” in a sense so maybe I can get enough material that I can use it for inspiration for this week’s FSF.

Yesterday, I told you about this drawing I did on the computer when I was in middle school, right? Well, my nana was nice enough to take a picture of it and sent it to me on Facebook. Out of the kindness of me and shedding the embarrassment of what it says, now in my defense. Back then, I basically thought I was the shit in school. I can admit now only because everything about my attitude back then is embarrassing and awkward. One of the two papers I didn’t want to share from yesterday is a paragraph of words that make up my little “diva” attitude. It’s so sad honestly! I’m so glad I’ve been getting better with my attitude and I’m not that way anymore, or at least I hope I’m not like that anymore. Anyways, I feel like I’m more aware of the people around me, granted it might be from me being so damn paranoid too! I’ve gotten better about the little things and taking the big things and somehow turning them into small worries instead. So to conclude this post, here is my infamous drawing I did over nine years ago. Something that puzzles me, why in the world am I a blonde? I must’ve liked a hairstyle or different color back then and I just decided to make myself a blonde. I would never do that now though! I did want to become a singer back then, now singing is just a hobby and I haven’t performed in front of anybody since my senior year of high school. I’m a little afraid to do it again. Obviously I had more faith in myself back then, then I do now.



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