That Uncomfortable Disney Crush

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So ever since ABC Family went on one of their classic animated Disney movie weekends, I went and I taped Pocahotas, The Little Mermaid, and Mulan. I don’t really like Peter Pan and I completely missed Dumbo so these were left. I love all three of these movies, but there are two weird things about them though. I kind of like the second movies of Pocahotas and The Little Mermaid more than the originals. I love the first Mulan movie, but I don’t think I’ve seen the second one as much as I’ve seen the rest. The second thing is and I’m pretty sure I am not the only one who is like this, but I grew up having a bit of a crush on three different characters in these movies. I mean, I was utterly in love with how these guys looked that there might actually be a reason why dark hair and blue eyes have always been a weakness for me.

Prince Eric was always a handsome guy, whether he’s just a drawing or not, I always thought that. He just seemed like he cared and instead of finding a bride by their looks. Since he met Ariel by hearing her voice, the sunlight was basically shielding her face, and so he just the melody of her voice stuck in his head and yeah, you guys know the story. At least, you should know it. Even in the second movie, he was a hottie! He was married and had a daughter, he was still pretty cute to me! Watching him fight to get his daughter and wife from Ursula’s baby sister, those scenes just made me all happy inside and I know that’s weird to say but it’s true. The second guy on my list of when I developed a crush on him, just makes the whole blonde hair and blue eye thing just worse. I had a minor thing for John Smith, but funny enough he wasn’t the only one. I also had a pretty big crush on John Rolfe from the second movie, both of played with my heart. I remember when I got into the first movie, I was probably already into the Backstreet Boys, so the whole blonde and blue eyes were already a damn weakness for me, but it’s bad when a character in an animated movie gets you too! I think I liked John Smith the most because he was nice enough to see past what she was and treated her like she was apart of him. I still don’t know why I like John Rolfe so much though.

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It’s so weird that after all these years, after not being able to watch some of these movies, how much I still know the words of what each character says and the songs. It’s so crazy on how it’s just muscles knowing what the next thing is, my brain doesn’t know a single thing but everything in my body does! I literally just finished up the first Mulan movie and from the time the viewers meet Captain Li Shang, all of the girls get sucked in the cuteness of his face and voice. Now fast forward about ten to thirteen years, to watch the show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and recognizing one of the actors’ voices but never knowing how you know it so well. One of the actors that used to be featured on the show, B.D. Wong. Yeah, he voiced the character Li Shang in the movies. I just found that out tonight. I think it’s sadder to say that this character is cuter though. Sorry dude! I liked Shang’s sense of humor and his will to fight and protect. There’s another weakness coming to light. Another thing that is slightly disturbing, I actually enjoyed the shirtless scene. To anyone who wonders why I like guys with huge masculine shoulders, blame this guy! I can sit here and talk about this dude all day, but I did love the friendship/relationship he formed with Mulan in the first movie. 

So let’s be honest, since I was so honest about my old and apparently still crushes on these Disney movies, did you ever fall for any of them? If you liked them for the actors who brought them to life, that’s fine too! Here are a few characters that you or your kids were probably obsessed with and you were sitting on the couch drooling over too. Tarzan, Gaston, Beast (in human form), Prince Philip (from Sleeping Beauty), etc. Come on, tell me, I’m not judging as long as you’re judging me. 

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