Picture It & Write: A Queen Until The Bitter End

I got the idea from the movie, Snow White and the Huntsman. Charlize Theron played the evil queen and I’m not going to lie, but I liked her a lot more than I liked Snow White played by Kristen Stewart.

Source: A Touch Of Class
Source: A Touch Of Class

The beauty within was decaying as fast as her looks on the outside.
The gray of the roots of her hair and the sagging of the skin; she swore a witch had cursed her, instead it was just her.
She wasn’t a nice person therefore she had to be punished.
God was being overshadowed by another Satan.
She wore the crown with pride, but her horns were the ones keeping it from falling down just like her kingdom and health.
Nobody looked to her with greatness or power, she was just a symbol of what was and what happens when you’ve been exiled by your own body.
Nobody was saying “save the Queen,” because they were all waiting for her to die.
She only wanted to die, so she could rise again, but sadly that wouldn’t happen like she desperately wanted.
She had killed everything she had ever touched and betrayed everybody she was ever around.
As the father clock ticked behind her, she was losing energy that her servants watched her while holding their breaths, waiting for her last.
She was a disgrace of her father’s kingdom, just a little girl sitting on a much bigger throne.

The people of her kingdom didn’t quite understand why she continued to stay on this earth, did she know there would be no welcoming party up in heaven?
The priest was always on hand making sure she had her last rights, but everytime she was on the brink of dying, she shooed him away.
If the people who worked inside the palace hadn’t been forced to stay with her, they would have left a long time ago.
The people on the outside were surprised nobody had killed the bitch yet.
There was so much blood on her hands, that only water would be on that person.
There would be no trial, just a parade that the Queen was dead.


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