Who You Are


I am in love with history and my family genealogy that lately I have been really thinking about getting tested about what is really running through my body. How much history runs through my family and I might get a better picture of the places I really come from. I’m an American woman, but after looking through old things like maps, books, etc there’s more than the American status. All my life I’ve known about being half German and Native American, but my nana and I have discovered that on my Papaw’s side he is half Dutch, but I’m talking WAY back in life, like 1700’s here. It’s all very interesting to see where you’re really about and that you’re a part of something even bigger than you thought you were. I mean, we did searches of our ancestry in school. In my case, it was pretty hilarious because my cousin and I were in the same history class and we both decided to choose our Papaw’s last name. Now when we looked it up, I only remember it saying “English” but now I’ve found more websites saying that it’s both English and Scottish. The name’s origin is from Scotland, England, Ireland, and Germany. On my dad’s side of the family, I’m really unsure about, all I know is that I’m half Native American on my dad’s side. I don’t know what else is there, that’s kind of the reason why I would like to get my DNA tested.

I like a lot of different things that I’m not sure why I like them so much. I mean, the celtic music is a big wonder to me because I don’t have a clue of how that started and I’ve been wondering if my ancestry has anything to do with that. I just want to know what percentage I am in each of these ethnics. I talked yesterday about the places I would like to travel to, I think if I ever find out where my ancestry is from, it would be interesting to study the history and culture of each place and I’ll definitely want to visit there one day. Do you think you’d ever get tested for something like this? If you were truly curious about your family came from and want to learn about the cultures, languages, and etc. Would you really do this? I’m getting about tired of wondering about who I am, maybe this is the road I need to be on. 

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