Picture It & Write: A Modern Day Romeo and Juliet, Just No Romeo.

A novel is like a bow, and the violin that produces the sound is the reader's soul. ~Stendhal

The sky was full of clouds, the sun only peaked out here and there. The forecast said, no rain, but the rain would soon fall out of Genevieve’s beautiful blue eyes.
The story of two lovers, a modern-day of Romeo and Juliet, but instead the characters names were Jonah and Elea.
As Genevieve was so consumed in her book to notice anything going on around her.
The blooming rosebuds and birds singing on the tree branches.
She wished to smell the roses on her pillow and to know somebody loved her enough to show her like they showed for each other.
Reading took away the important things in Genevieve’s life that took control of everything in her personal life.
She never dated, so finding a love like Jonah and Elea was impossible for her.
As she ended her book, the tears of sadness started flowing down her creeks, slowly.
It didn’t end like everybody said it would, instead the words in the next few pages disappeared and all was left were the four words on the last page.
“I love you Genevieve. – Elea”
She looked up slightly and looked around, thinking it was only a joke until Elea appeared in front of her.
Elea’s smile was sweet but Genevieve was confused, how was this happening and how did she know she loved her the most?
Genevieve dropped her book and stepped to Elea, they stared face to face, and finally shared a kiss.
A kiss that sealed their love for one another until the end.


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