A Decade In A Box

840732866What do you remember about the 90’s? For some of us, that was the decade that we were born in. A lot of times I’ve heard of anybody being born in 98 or 99, they are not considered 90’s kids even though they clearly are, but I know the people who tend to think that way think that because they didn’t get enjoy the stuff that we did. What I remember the most about the 90’s are The Powerpuff Girls, Arthur, MTV playing music videos practically all day long, but what was something we used to record our favorite shows or sports events, because we sure didn’t have DVR’s back in the day, did we? We might’ve needed them but sadly we knew the words “fast forward” and “rewind ” like the back of our hands. VCR tapes were our best friends when we were kids and the only circle discs we ever had were CDs for music and CD-Rom for the ancient computers. A lot of people could easily forget about these things or if you are like me, you miss them a lot.

I’ve been in love with finding old things, from letters, photographs, to I guess VCR tapes. Growing up, everytime we would go over to my grandparents’ house they had different bookshelves full of different VCR tapes. They were mostly all of my papaw’s tapes of different things he thought were interesting, whether that was old classic movies, movies or specials about trains, and then you got the majority of the tapes were sporting events, mainly basketball games. Well, my nana has been wanting to empty out the bookshelves of these tapes and have them used for books and such, so that is what we’ve been doing for the past couple of weekends. The first time we did this, the tapes were mainly about trains, planes, basketball games, and etc. Well, we had found the lone movie in the bunch and it was Apollo 13 and I had talked about that the last time. This time, we went and cleaned out a small bookshelf with one shelf full of tapes. According to my nana, the reason why they kept these were important. Now I understand why they were important, because most of them were home videos of all of the grandkids, meaning my sister, cousins, and myself. So those videos you see in that top picture, that is basically all family videos.

840732714The rest of the tapes were “less important” if you were to see them, but for my grandparents, they have a meaning just as much as the home videos do. The other tapes are not sporting events, they’re more like last episodes, specials that you probably haven’t seen in years, and a few of them actually their original cases they came in. These were the ones I’m talking about, they actually have the 90’s or (maybe a little older) cases. We found a few of them but I thought these were the most interesting to me as I’ve heard of four out of five. I know it’s a little hard to read of what they are, I’ll just give you what each of them has in them. From the top left going to the bottom right we have, Judy Garland, Elvis, The Three Stodges, Johnny Benny comedy hour, and Bill Cosby. We found three different Elvis tapes and I thought my nana was a like a kid in a candy store, so happy but a little sad that she couldn’t watch them on her TV.

One of the most weirdest and craziest things that happened was when we first went into the living room. My nana went in there first to make a path as she had been working on rearranging in there but I was a little distracted with the CD cases on the bottom shelf of my Papaw’s old stereo system, I’ve seen the old VCR tapes, vinyls, and even cassettes. I’m taking a big step back in time I think. Anyways, he did have a couple of CDs and the one that caught my eye, was of a guy that I had never heard of before. Victor Borge was his name and the album was called, “Caught In The Act.” When I found it, I was very curious about it and I thought it was an old CD of Bill Cosby and I thought it said “Vincent” instead. It was dark! I couldn’t see very well until my nana finally opened the door and I grabbed it and found out I was wrong on all counts. My nana did tell me some interesting facts about him though, he is Danish and apparently he was very funny! Well, while we were in the middle of finding those tapes. We ended up finding about three Victor Borge tapes in the process too. It was weird! If I hadn’t seen that CD case before we started, I don’t think I would have been seeing Victor Borge for the rest of the afternoon.


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