Spring Says Peek-A-Boo!

springYou remember last week I had complained about only getting out of the house on Friday, because of all the snow we kept getting the weeks before? Well, apparently I need to talk with Mother Nature about going from one extreme to the other with allowing me to get out more often. Since we got more snow Friday afternoon, like two to four more inches. Well, we had our first feel of spring today. Usually, it’s the nice weather we feel first, but as the nice weather started to make its entrance it was overshadowed by the thunder, lightning, and rain that decided to make a pit stop before it made it’s welcome back. All of our snow we got at the end of last week is melting and now we have more water, so which means that it could flood in different areas, which isn’t something that is out of the ordinary here. We’ve had a few floods here and here this winter.

It was so weird to be laying on my bed with Wren and all of a sudden I hear thunder crack and within ten minutes of that, I saw lightning from my window blinds. It was so strange after having snowstorm after snowstorm. I think we had our last thunderstorm in November. It seems so long ago for me! That’s one of the things I’m not ready for is all of the rain again. I hate thunderstorms and tornado weather more than this snow. It’s also kind of funny sometimes, because I’ve already seen people get excited about the higher temperatures outside going from 20 degrees to 40-50 degrees. A few of the weathermen have said we could be in the 50’s by the end of the week, but all of this rain and thunder will be staying. My mom told me last night that it was only supposed to rain today and storm on Thursday. So maybe I’ll get lucky and actually get out on Thursday if mother nature lets us at least enjoy one day of this warm weather. I’m predicting by the middle of March though all of the snow that we hate so much will be back again. It has happened before so I don’t see it ending anytime soon. Sorry, but it’s just my opinion and we shouldn’t be so quick to turn off that thought either.

I woke up early today after having a rough night. I had troubles with breathing through my nose again. That’s one thing I’m happy for, when my dad switches to the air conditioner again. I don’t know why but I find the A/C very comforting when it’s time for bed. I wanted to go take a nap earlier but I’ve been doing so good with staying awake that I don’t need one. Even though I’ve got to say, watching Wren get comfortable, drool, and fall asleep on my blankets made me jealous in a way. I’ve been very bored again. I haven’t been doing much sadly. Last night, well actually Saturday night as I was looking for more movies on TV and when I found X2 I kept looking ahead and found Thor and I hadn’t seen of how the movie starts out so I decided to tape the whole thing. I’ve really got to stop taping movies that aren’t on the movie channels because all those commercials are annoying as crap. I think they’re more annoying when I have fast forward them after I’ve recorded them. To think that possibly some of these movies would be like two hours long without all of the commercials cutting in between parts. It just ruins certain sequences of the film and by the end of them there’s no hope in getting back into the movie if you’ve seen that before. I really need to charge my iPod but I don’t even know if I’ll want to use it tonight or not. That’s another thing I’ve been having a problem with today, I’ve been very indecisive with practically everything! I don’t know what’s wrong with me, maybe it’s the weather. Who knows anymore honestly.


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