Picture It & Write: Wash Away The Poison

by Grégoire A Meyer
by Grégoire A Meyer

Clear to the touch, dripping down the skin slowly.
Making a narrow line on the skin, not leaving anything behind but a cold wet feeling on the spot.
Bubbles form in random places and pop in unison with the others that just formed.
Chemicals mix in together to get rid of the poison on the face.
What was dead will become alive again.
Nothing ever dies on the body, it creates a shield and protects itself from germs reaching to their destinations.
You scrub away the scabs from the last wash, new blood comes to the surface and drips down and spreads out the almost dried narrow line of water that you spilled on yourself before.
You grab the thick fabric nearby and close your half awaken eyes and dry yourself off.
The mirror now shows your tired eyes and tangled hair behind your head.
Your cheeks are no longer puffy but the surface is as red as an apple.
As minutes ticked away, skin changed back to pale like the color inside the same apple.
Your lips are have tiny slits from the teeth marks you opened up last night.
Inside your cheeks form new skin, little ridges of uneven skin makes you nervous.
Then you turn off the light and turn to leave until later that night, when you’ll be back.


2 thoughts on “Picture It & Write: Wash Away The Poison

  1. Uncommonly deep and dark, Meghan. I know you always tell me I read more into these than you intend, but this really suggests the pain of a horrid sexual encounter you can’t wash away. Good work regardless.


    1. Wow! That’s very interesting! I always like your and everybody else’s “guesses” to my stuff because I always wish that I had in my head at that time. Mine feels so lame to your suggestion.


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