Ketchup With Us: Ten Minutes

So I know a really dumb thing yesterday, not only did I forget that it was the 15th, but I also forgot to post for Ketchup With Us. Oops! No worries though because I have something in my head for the prompt if you will. The ladies of KWU want us to post anything but have a clock on for 10 minutes. Since I’m really slow, I can only count for ten minutes if the new hour just started up. I know it’s stupid but that’s the only way I can keep track. I also can’t work my damn phone to do either. So I thought last night I can make a mini playlist of a couple of songs to keep track. Well, right before everything started loading on here, I went looking on my Spotify for the a couple of songs to select for the right amount of time, but then as I was looking I actually found a song that was exactly ten minutes and two seconds long. So here goes nothing! These will just be random thoughts I had going through my brain at that particular moment. And so I begin!

Ketchup With Us

GHOST LOVE SCORE by Nightwish!

Last night I found both the second X-Men movie, which I have been wanting to get for the past two months and nobody seems to have it. I also found Luke Bryan’s Farm Tour but sadly I caught the last 15 minutes of it, but I got to hear three songs and see his sexy ass. There should be a song called “(Country Boy) Shake It For Me” if there already isn’t one. I’m pretty sure there is on YouTube, but I think Luke Bryan and Brantley Gilbert should be the ones singing it. I’ve been feeling better today, I thought yesterday was basically going to wipe me out. I still can’t sleep through the night because of the damn furnace on making my nose dry as a horse and my throat gets so sore that I literally can’t breathe through either place. I really need to paint my nails today. Especially since my mom is going to be at work all day long. I think my dad trusts me a little more to let me paint my toes by myself! I borrowed a couple of my nana’s polishes, a teal and dark purple. I’ve had the teal before and it’s a very classy color, but I kind of want to go through our polishes and see if we have a dark red. It’s not Valentine’s day anymore, but I still love red nails! I’ve been thinking about going back to reading again, but I don’t want to read the books that I have on my e-reader so I might have to go through the list of free books soon.

I think this is the fastest I’ve ever typed in my life. Oliver is in my closet again, he just sneezed on whatever is in there. It’s a good thing I no longer wear anything that he’s been laying on everytime he and the monsters go back there. The song is almost done, and the singer has stopped singing, so this was fun! 


2 thoughts on “Ketchup With Us: Ten Minutes

  1. A song that lasts for ten minutes and two seconds??? That is one long-ass song. I sure hope it’s a good one.

    P.S. Purple toes always make a statement. 🙂

    Thanks for linking up, Meghan. Please come back on the 1st!


    1. It is! It’s got a classical influence with heavy metal. The singer is actually classically trained singer, literally sounds like an opera singer. I have purple/teal toes right now! And you’re welcome and I can’t wait!! 🙂


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