Old School Valentine’s Day


Every Valentine’s Day for a single girl is like the one holiday we hate being on, Christmas doesn’t even come close to the empty feeling we feel on this holiday. I think every year it continues to be more and more distant, if I hadn’t that those freaking Endless Love movie previews forced down my throat I think I would have been okay this year with just ignoring it. However, the longer I’m single around a bunch of people who are married and have partners in their lives, just makes my eyes roll automatically. Plus seeing it plastered on both of my Facebook and Twitter accounts, it just seems to commercial but yet if we don’t receive things on that day we get pissed off. If couples did this every day there wouldn’t be a Valentine’s Day at all. 

In school though, especially in Elementary, you are basically required to be cute and do all of these adorable cards and possibly send them out to your friends and crush you have at that time. We’ve all done it don’t lie! I had done it every year since I started having any type of crush I had in school. Even the first year in middle school, I think I did like 30 Valentine cards and I passed them out during lunch and I remember being very shy and passing out the ones for the boys were always the cards I dreaded because the guys never understood the reason why us girls gave cards to them, but also the other girls that sat next to them a table or so over, would do the “awe” thing and ruin every bit of confidence I had left inside. I had always felt like an ass for making them out every year, I think the year I stopped doing them altogether was my freshman year. Everybody stopped passing out valentines when we were in seventh grade and yet I was still doing them and being this sad individual hoping to find “true love” afterwards, but that of course never happened. Last year I got some cards that had dogs and cats on them and I went and passed them out while I was volunteering at the nursing home. The residents seemed the love them a lot more than any guy I ever went to school with, so that’s a better outlook on it.

One of the best things though was the parties you had every year in elementary school. We all had those parties that were just awesome, even if your mother forced you to eat something and embarrassed your ass in front of your friends. I always loved the parties, the mothers would decorate each table for each grade and we would only have a little bit time to eat and then go back to the classrooms and play games. Sadly I don’t remember the games we played but I do remember the Valentine’s Day bags and ice cream parties we would have, one of the best things we had were the will to put anything on the two scoops of ice cream. For four years straight and for any party we had for holidays, a very sweet and awesome mother had brought this kind of sprinkles that were Reese’s sprinkles. I had them once and literally wanted it every time I had ice cream after that. I would literally crave it and I still do. It was crunchy and definitely tasted like tiny balls of a Reese’s peanut butter cup. When I went into middle school, I never had it again, because middle and high school were uncool like that. I have had moments going through the freezer section at Wal-Mart and saw the syrups and stuff on the corner and always tried searching for it. I did find it once but I’m pretty sure my mom said no on getting it which just broke my heart right in half. I think they don’t make it anymore and if they do, COME TO MAMA!!!

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