#FWF – Love Never Dies


Kellie has a very interesting prompt for this week’s Free Write Friday. Dedicated for the special holiday that we had to celebrate all day long. For some it was a day that you absolutely hated and was waiting until you got home to drink your wine and eat your cookie dough ice cream. The rest spent with their partners, having a blast! At least I would think so. You got the flowers, balloons, and special gifts that only they know you like. Well, I got the less traditional gifts of Valentine’s Day. Yesterday I had made a comment to my dad that this year would be my eighth year of being single of Valentine’s Day. He gave me one of his usual sighs and when I got up this morning he came in with two packets of Kit Kats. I’m not going to need anything chocolate for the rest of the month looks like! It was very sweet of him to do. Since the Midwest has been hit a lot in the last three and a half weeks with these damn snowstorms, I’ve been basically stuck in the house for two weeks straight. I finally got out this morning before the third of our snowstorm started up. Luckily, we were all at home when it started. I got to go to my nana’s while my mom did her errands for her. We talked about random topics and I got to see this cute little card that my nana made for my papaw. It was a heart-shaped card and it had sparkly red thingys on it, plus a little poem. It was adorable to say the least! This evening I got to spend it with my folks watching We’re The Millers and laughed out butts off!

Back to the prompt though, I guess after all these years I have become a little bitter around different holidays, especially this one and Christmas, because I’ve been the one without anybody for so long that it just continues to get old. Some single people go hang out with their friends, which is what my sister’s doing, but since all of my friends live overseas, a couple of towns away, or just have boyfriends themselves that they just forget about me altogether. For some I know they don’t mean it, but like I said I have become a little bitter in the last couple of years. I have never been in a real relationship before and sadly I don’t know how to kiss. I have had those butterflies that everybody talks about though. With every crush I had in school, they’d come in full swing and never let me down. I’ve blushed my cheeks off and passed a note at lunch when I was freshman. I’ve given out my number to a guy only once in my life and “watched” from a safe distance. I was pretty pathetic between freshman and junior years of high school. I’m pretty lucky right now to not regret a single thing I did because I did learn a lot throughout all of it, but I’ve never been able to put it in good use since 2012. Apparently I’m still a pathetic person now!  I got pretty jealous of couples while I was in school. I think I’ve grown up enough that the whole couple thing doesn’t bug me as much, it’s just being the third wheel sucks.


18 thoughts on “#FWF – Love Never Dies

  1. You aren’t pathetic! We all go at our own paces. I think I felt the same way you did for a while when I was younger. I didn’t have my first kiss until I was about 20 and had my first honest to goodness relationship at the age of 21. I’m single at the moment and I think that it’s okay to be that way. Yes, it does suck at times when everyone is busy being affectionate with their partners and has no time to spare for the single friends. But you just have to keep being content with yourself and the person who is meant to be your other half will meet you halfway 🙂


    1. Aw thanks! I think it’s a little difficult to love me, especially with the wheelchair. I always tend to scare people away with it and with my luck my other half is lost out there in cornfields somewhere. Lol


      1. Lol, um the cornfields…well if that’s where they are, then it could possibly take a bit longer for you to find each other! I think that being in a wheelchair may make it more of a struggle to find love but it does not make it impossible. There are things about us all that make it difficult to love. It starts with how we love ourselves though (I know, cheesy cliche). I believe when we are truly happy and open to just meeting new people, that’s when love comes because others will be drawn to us. That’s just my theory though, currently in the stages of testing that out 🙂 I’ll let you know when I reach a conclusion.


      2. I am usually okay with meeting new people, I mean I meet new people everyday on here and Twitter. I love talking to people and I’ve actually gotten better with letting people talk, which is an accomplishment I’ve got to say! 🙂


      3. That’s usually my problem too!! But since my sister has been coming home from school she likes to talk and she’s more interesting than what I have to say so that’s how that started. Lol


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