Immortalized After Death

“So here we are.
This is the end.
But all the dies.
Is born again.
The scars will still remain.
From the ashes, I will rise again.
Goodbye, hello.”
– In This Moment

When death happens we are immediately broken-hearted to the point that we think our day is ruined. There is no light to the end of the tunnel. We mourn months upon months. We go through grief in different times. Sometimes it hits us instantly and then there are some people who it takes a little bit longer for everything to hit. We don’t understand how or when our time is up. We wish we still had time with that person and probably wish we didn’t do half of the things we did before. Death makes us do crazy things too. We instantly think we can’t go on without that person, because you are constantly think about them, which is normal. Death of a person can make us think that death of themselves doesn’t seem like a bad idea. We think that God is watching over their families and they are guided above us and watching us as well. They watch us bury their bodies in the ground, feel our pain, but know they’re not in any physical or emotion pain anymore. They are perfect. They are angels. Death to me is just something that happens. It’s going to happen whether or not we want it to. We are going to die one day. Somebody will mourn for us. Heart broken to the point to where their day is ruined too. We’ll all be in heaven. At least our souls will be.

It’s weird for me to be talking about death because some people think it’s bad luck, but yet a lot of people joke about it throughout their day, saying phrases like, “just kill me now” and there’s a pretty big possibly that those people have said that as well, they just don’t notice what they’ve said it until much later. I do believe that we go to heaven and God greets us when we get to the big pearly gates, but I also believe that we live on. I’ve heard many myths about people who have birthmarks, if they have them that means that’s how that person died in their past life. Well, I don’t have one, but my nana does and I’m not going to lie, but I always thought it was cool. Ever since I heard about that I’ve been believing more about how when a person dies they basically come back as somebody or something else. I mean, think about it. When a person dies, there is always a baby being born at possibly that exact time. Their spirit is being resurrected into this little child and being born again. I think (if it’s true of course) that’s pretty amazing! I think if we leave behind something good then a legacy will live on for us. We will never truly die, because we still live on inside people’s hearts. The memories both good and bad will still be there in our minds for us to remember. People that die are immortalized by the memories we made with them. And another thing, do you think they’d want us to grieve about them when we can still breathe? I’m sure they’d want us to live our lives like they were right there with us. They are always with us inside our hearts.


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