Fly With The Angels Miss Temple

This isn’t the news I wanted to see on my news feed on my Twitter this afternoon. I’ve been sleeping all morning long, so I’ve only been awake for an hour and I was scrolling down my Twitter feed and saw Mark Ballas say “fly with the angels Shirley Temple” and then I had to scroll back up again to see if she was trending and sure enough she was, but at the lowest part of my trend box. One of the tweets I retweeted after I clicked her name and everybody had sent their thoughts and feelings about her passing. Some of the magazines were doing pictures of her life and ever since I took off all of my magazines on my Facebook I haven’t heard any news about these young stars and their troubles and it’s been so nice, let me tell you, but sadly when a celebrity dies I don’t see that either. So if I hadn’t seen Mark’s tweet or seen her name at the bottom of the trend box, I wouldn’t have known about it. The sweet tweet I had retweeted had included this beautiful picture of Miss Temple. It also had these true words to it as well, “RIP Shirley Temple. All of the Old Hollywood greats are disappearing on us, so sad.” 

When I was little, we would go up to both of my aunt and uncles houses a lot. One time we were there at my aunt and uncle’s house and they had two living rooms, one was very much classy and elegant and probably used for when guests came over, while the other was more for a family living room, more cozy than classy. Well, we must have been having a birthday party or something because I vaguely remember asking for ice cream and remember she only had blueberry ice cream. I always thought that was so strange. I think I liked it too, but anyways there were like four or five of us kids in the “classy” living room while the adults were somewhere else and my aunt had asked us if we wanted to watch a movie, and it was so weird because now she would have kid DVDs because of her grandsons and back then she didn’t, but she did have some Shirley Temple movies. This has to been late 90s or early 00’s so we were still in the VCR stage here and I don’t really remember which movie we watched but I think I was a little memorized. The show was in black and white and I think I thought something was wrong with the TV too. I think we all did. A few years after that I actually caught myself watching another old classic Shirley Temple movie again and this time this one was in color. I think I had watched it with my dad, but I could be wrong so don’t hold that against the both of us.

We all will remember the little girl who made us laugh, cry, and our hearts melt. She made us want to dance and want to be a kid again just to do the same wacky stuff. Sad part is, she sacrificed her childhood to be acting and that’s even worse because as most of us got to have fun and do all of things in our childhood and not get paid for it, she lost hers. Hardly anybody (including myself) has seen her in the movies when she got older and I don’t understand why. I wonder if my papaw had ever watched her in the other movies she was in when she got older? I think the only way to close this out is saying I will miss Shirley Temple and I’ll probably be looking on AMC channel to see if they’ll be playing any of those movies I remembered watching as a kid. Here is a quote that I found so inspiring by her, so goodbye little angel there will never be another like you in this world. “When I was fourteen, I was the oldest I ever was. I’ve been getting younger ever since.” ~ Shirley Temple.


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