Happy Monday

It’s almost three thirty in the afternoon here and I feel like I’ve done slept all day long, but actually I haven’t. I’ve been awake since 10:30am. I’ve been splitting my time between listening to music and watching movie that my mom got yesterday afternoon. So I’ve been escaping my ever-growing thoughts for the last 24 hours. However, I have watched romantic movies so I’ve gained a few life lessons that will only last in my head for a day or so. Now I’m chilling in my room with my favorite little kitty Midget, wondering if I should watch the last movie my mom got for me or not. I’ve watched Rush, What’s Your Number?, and Last Vegas. Two romantic comedies and one drama movie. The only question I haven’t answered to myself yet is what was best? So far Rush is winning. I liked that movie a lot, probably in a different way than I thought and I did it again, I didn’t very much like Chris Hemsworth’s character all that much. Too cocky. Daniel Bruhl was brilliant as Niki Lauda. I liked that character a lot more than I thought I would. All three movies were excellent though, everybody should give them a try!

Okay, I’m going to probably chill out with Midget some more and watch Dr. Phil too. Happy Monday everybody!


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