Picture It & Write: The Birthday Party From Hell

Happy Birthday Eliabeth! Hope you have a wonderful day! Xx

Image source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/51189796@N03/
Source: Flickr (Pauls Creative Cakes)

“What is her favorite thing? Maybe that’ll help you decide what kind of cake to get her.” Charlotte said in her sister’s ear, ever so softly so her nieces don’t hear what they’re discussing.
“She loves The Hunger Games…” the littlest one says while sitting in the cart.
Charlotte and Jennifer look at each other, knowing it would be little Erika to hear and voice her opinion.
“What else, Erika? What else does your sister like?” Aunt Charlotte kneeled next to her and she put her hands up against the rails by her aunts ear, “she likes Harry Potter, Twilight, and Alice in Wonderland.”
Charlotte slightly nodded her head along to every word her noisy little niece said, and smiled to her.
The six-year-old smiled back and went back to being quiet again.
“You know, she’d make a great spy one day.” Charlotte said to her sister, who was now giving her that look like she was crazy.
“Oh, please don’t give her any ideas. It’s bad enough that you got both Nadia and Elizabeth thinking about their future careers when they’re not even in high school yet.” Jennifer said, in an angry tone.
“What’s so wrong with that? Do you want them to be stuck here with you and Thom for the rest of their lives. That’s not much of a life honey.” Charlotte said to her older sister.
Jennifer ignored her words and instead turned her attention to the cake maker and gave her order for her oldest daughter Nadia’s birthday cake.

A few days later, the day was finally here.
Jennifer’s oldest daughter was finally fourteen years old, she couldn’t believe how much time had went by with all three of her daughters.
Nadia was 14, Elizabeth was 10, and Erika was 6.
Jennifer and Thom were thinking another child but time was never on their side and this party was another part of the puzzle that kept them away from each other.
Jennifer wanted everything to be perfect, from the cake and decorations to the games that the kids played outside.
Nadia and her friends from school were playing out in the back yard.
Thom and some of his long time friends sat in the living munching the snacks on the table.
Elizabeth and Erika were in their rooms hiding from everybody until it was cake and ice cream time.
The doorbell rang, three times.
Apparently Aunt Charlotte had forgotten her key again.
Jennifer stopped what she was doing and walked over to the door to see her older sister wearing a pair of sunglasses and stumbling around on the porch.
Jennifer wanted to leave her out there but she knew that Nadia would never forgive her if she did that but Charlotte was very drunk and Jennifer felt embarrassed by her already.
“Mom! It’s raining outside!” Nadia said as she and her friends came running from out in the yard.
Jennifer quickly opened the door and Aunt Charlotte had decided to take a rest up against the door just before the girls came through so when Jennifer opened the door, Charlotte landed right on the floor, head first.
Eight teenagers and two of Thom’s friends just stood there.
Charlotte groaned and Thom and one of his friends grabbed her to sit her on the couch but apparently she thought they were trying to hurt her so she started swinging both her arms and legs at them.
Thom and his friends stand back from her and then noticed she was wearing any underwear so they tried to comfort her and slowly but surely she started to calm down.
Nadia and her friends were rushed into Nadia’s room down the hall, while Aunt Charlotte was getting arranged in the living room.

Within a half hour later, the bakery delivered Nadia’s breath-taking birthday cake.
Thom and his buddies were now in the garage away from all of the women, and Aunt Charlotte.
Speaking of which, she was still knocked out from the fall.
Well, a little after Jennifer put the cake in the kitchen.
Elizabeth came out of her room and had seen a small stream of liquid drip down from the black leather sofa.
“Mommy.” Elizabeth said in a curious tone.
“Yes, Lizzie.” Jennifer said, trying to rearrange the candles in any extra space on the cake.
“I think Aunt Charlotte just peed on the sofa.” Elizabeth said as she looked at her mother.
Jennifer slowly turned around and walked over to her drunken sister, and she had in fact peed herself.
“Oh my god! CHARLOTTE LOUISE!” Jennifer said in a loud voice, that startled everybody.
She even woke up Charlotte.
“What? What’s going on?” Charlotte said in a groggy voice as she had trouble sitting up and getting her words together.
“Don’t! move!” Jennifer said as she sprinted to the master bedroom to grab a few towels to try to clean her mess.
“You peed yourself Aunt Charlotte.” Elizabeth said to her aunt.
“Oh, explains a lot. Thank you honey.” Aunt Charlotte finally sat up, but had to lay back down so Jennifer could put the towels underneath her.
“You owe me a new couch!” Jennifer said to her sister.
“It’ll be all right, just flip the cushions inside out. Nobody will ever know.” Charlotte said as she sat her self up again and was forced to stay there.
“Hey, you’re awake. Now can we eat?!” Nadia said to her mother, who was unsure about that particular question.
Thom and his friends came in at the same time, and answered for her.
“How about we open your presents first?” Thom said and Nadia beamed and nodded.
Everybody took a seat anywhere in the living room.
Nadia was in the middle of unwrapping presents when Aunt Charlotte started burping uncontrollably and very loudly, that everybody was looking at her almost looking impressed.
Jennifer gave a deep sigh and Thom rubbed her back to sooth her a little, and then as it was actually started to work, all you heard next were the words “uh oh,” followed by Charlotte throwing up on herself, couch, and one of Nadia’s new shirts,
Everybody was in shock and surprisingly both Jennifer and Nadia didn’t start crying.
“Well you won’t have to worry about me eating anything for a while.” said Thom.

What more could go wrong at this birthday party?


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