Picture It & Write: Always

I got my inspiration from a song by the band Killswitch Engage and their song “Always” and the funny part is, the song doesn’t really go with this post in a sense. It was just the first song I thought of when I started working on it.

by weloveunicorns

She had to leave, it was what she had to do.
Leave everything behind because she knew if she didn’t she would be stuck there forever.
They always say living by a beach is like paradise, but it was a lie.
She had lived there ever since she was a little girl, living with her family, never having to take a vacation ever because they could just walk to the beach to get away from it all.
Candace always wanted a sense of adventure but nobody in her family ever understood her reasons to get away.
She was never happy.
They certainly had the money to take trips, but the ones they did take, she and her siblings never got to go.
She felt alone there.
Taking the chance to move away was always in her mind, but never thought she’d actually do it.
She thought she’d get married and change her mind about moving away from something that was so familiar to her.
Here she was, twenty-four years old and single.
She needed to leave to feel complete in her life.
Maybe things will happen and she’ll decide to come back, but right now the scent of the ocean made her sick to her stomach.
She left that early morning with a smile on her face heading to the train for her journey home.


4 thoughts on “Picture It & Write: Always

  1. I really liked how you flipped a cliche. Normally in novels the smell of seasalt is something that gives the character peace and makes them feel happy. But here, it has become a smell associated with a future she doesn’t want or a present she is unhappy with. Very cool, Meghan.

    – Ermisenda


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