Keeping Myself Busy

I’m pretty sure I got less than five or six hours of sleep last night and somehow woke up at 8:30am. All I remember from last night before going to sleep was doing my prayers, hoping the kittens don’t learn how to the water in the tub, and watched one full episode of The Golden Girls. After that, I was out. I did get hot as crap and get up twice but once I rolled over I went back to sleep. Heck, even my nose wasn’t giving me problems like it’s been in the last four days. I started getting sleepy around noon and been fighting to stay awake ever since. My mom is still recovering from whatever she’s got. So I’m keeping busy by putting some of my CDs on my iPod that I got for Christmas. I got another version of the iPod I used to have and this one is much smaller space wise than the other one. With my old one, I didn’t even get past the middle of the limit of data you could have on it. My new one? Well, after today, it’s getting to the middle. I’ve been taking things off and putting stuff on left and right that I’m surprised I haven’t worn myself and the laptop out. I’ve taken at least three breaks and been trying to figure out what other albums I want on my iPod and if it would be worth it or not?

I just made a playlist on my iPod that I’ve been wanting to make before I even got this iPod. I’m a very big movie buff and it’s even worse of how much music from movies I have and love. So far in this playlist I have 28 tracks but I haven’t even finished yet because I have like two other CDs that are from two other movies. I still have the Burlesque soundtrack and the You Got Served soundtrack, but I’m worried about the second one because the last time I played it on my stereo it kept skipping on me. I remember when I got that too. It was in the batch of CDs I wanted for my thirteenth birthday. I got like seven CDs that day, it was like heaven on Earth for me! One of the soundtracks that I’m probably going to get made fun of, is the Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron soundtrack. If my mom hasn’t walked from the living room to the bathroom at all in the last hour or so, she’s probably wondering why I’m listening to Bryan Adams. I’m not going to lie, but it’s a damn good soundtrack and it makes me think of the movie. It’s been a really long time since I’ve seen the actual movie too. I’ve seen it play on our movie channels, but I’m usually too late into it to watch it. And when I go to find it later on, it’s never on again after that.

The albums I’ve just put on my iPod:

  1. Spirit: Stallion of a Cimarron – Bryan Adams & Hans Zimmer
  2. Bionic – Christina Aguilera
  3. New Horizons – Flyleaf
  4. Halestorm – Halestorm
  5. The Strange Cases Of.. – Halestorm
  6. Crunk Juice – Lil Jon & The Eastside Boys (shut up, it’s my guilty pleasure!)
  7. Strip Me – Natasha Bedingfield 
  8. The Unforgiving – Within Temptation

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