Ketchup With Us: Football For Women!

So tomorrow is the Super Bowl. A lot of people are pumped up about it and then there are people such as myself that are only looking forward to the commercials. In 2012, I did actually watch the entire football game, but there was a specific reason why I watched it. Motley Crue was in a commercial for car company Kia and literally half of my Twitter followers were going insane about it and so I basically watched it for that. It is really funny actually, because this year I have a DVR and I love my fast forward (skip) button a lot when my shows switch over to the commercials and now I’m actually wanting to skip the game and just watch the damn commercials. It’s so weird, but yet to the ones who don’t know a thing about football and have to watch the game because of your family, spouse, or partners do the same thing? Also, one of the commercials will be a new trailer for the new Captain America movie. Yes, that’s pretty much why I’m watching the damn football game.

I don’t know what we’re doing this year. My mom is sickly and I don’t even know if my dad is even going to watch it. He doesn’t like either teams, but it is Peyton Manning. I mean, the dude used to play in the Colts. Who knows I may not be the only one who’ll watch it in this house. I would much rather get movies instead. That would keep me occupied for the entire day I’m sure and it wouldn’t be as boring than watching a freaking football game that I have no idea of what they’re doing. They’re just going back and forth, throwing a ball and tackling. It’s kind of like NASCAR same thing, but at least that’s easy to keep track of when you’re sober and hammered. If I don’t actually watch it, I’m pretty sure if I spend the majority of my time on Twitter, my friends will keep me updated on what’s going on. They always do, with every sport events, it does not matter. I never have to watch anything to do with sports because of the people I follow. It is like I am already there.

ketchup with us

If you are or not watching the game. You should come join the fun with the ladies of Ketchup With Us and tweeting on Twitter about the plays and/or snack foods that you are serving your husbands/boyfriends buddies. There’s a pretty big chance I’ll be joining in with the Twitter party too!

Mel (@AccordingToMags) & Michele (@OldDogNewTits)

Tweet with hashtag #FootballForWomen

2 thoughts on “Ketchup With Us: Football For Women!

    1. Sounds like a good idea to me!! I just found out that Hallmark Channel has Kitten Bowl on all day long and on Animal Planet they’re playing Too Cute all day too. I’ll be having a “cute” moment 😀


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