Been Boring Again

So I’ve had another boring day at the home front. I think more snow is coming in too, so different limbs and muscles are acting up like always. I’ve had a pretty good day otherwise. The sun is going down on this Monday, and I’m wondering how I’ll sleep tonight. We had some major winds last night, it never took out our power which is one of the reasons why I had a hard time sleeping last night. I was really expecting the power to go out just before I went to sleep, but it never did. Some of my other reasons I had been the fact I took a three-hour nap yesterday afternoon and my ears felt weird after jamming to them for probably five hours on the highest volume it’ll let me go. After putting myself in a mini panic mode, I turned on my TV and watched three and a half episodes of Mad About You that we have saved on our DVR’s. I literally laughed and quoted them too, and the funny thing was my parents were up at this time so I was surprised they didn’t hear me at all.

I’ve been trying to watch the rest of Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen after I started it the other day. I was in the middle of the scene when Megatron tries to kill Sam and he dies and Mikaela tells him she loves him. Well, I’ve seen this movie probably over 40+ times and I even saw it in theaters and yet I never cried during that scene until a half hour ago. I’m an emotional wreck when it comes to these damn movies. I also realized during the credits that I don’t think I have “New Divide” anymore on my iPod. I don’t understand how I don’t, because I bought it online and always keep it on my iPod, but as I started thinking to myself, my sister always had a thing of unchecking songs to get off her iPod when she used hers and I guess it was un checked before the iTunes on our computer kind of crashed so I guess I’ll have to buy it all over again, including a few other songs that are not on my iPod anymore. I’m going to have to wait because I have a bunch of new music coming out next month, well actually it’s only one album, but still.

I didn’t watch The Grammy’s last night, but considering the pictures on Facebook and tweets I kept seeing of everybody live tweeting during it, I didn’t really miss much except for the performances. An hour after it had ended, I found an account had put up videos already. An hour afterwards!! That never happens, because usually after it’s on YouTube companies go and take them off while you’re waiting for it to load. I did get to watch Lorde, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Beyonce’s performances though and I loved them all! I don’t get why everybody was making fun of Lorde’s groove to the music while she performed “Royals” it wasn’t a big production like the rest of them and she moves to the music as she sees fit, kind of like me. Now I’m bored again, listening to music like always. I’m very jealous that everybody gets to listen to Within Temptation’s new album tomorrow as it is to come out in Europe. I have to wait another week and I don’t know if I can. I’m surprised I’ve lasted this long honestly, but I’m hoping for something good tomorrow too. Hopefully my mom will go get movies because I have a list of movies I want to see and three out of four have the name “Hemsworth” involved.


3 thoughts on “Been Boring Again

    1. Hey Robin

      I’ve tried to do something different today but since our weather has been going back forth between 35 degrees to 0 degrees, it’s been a little difficult getting my body moving anymore. I feel like I don’t have the strength to even try anymore. 😦


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