Picture It & Write: The Tree Branches

Homemade crown by Elemental Child

It wasn’t real, but the jewels were powerful.
They weighed heavy on her head and messed with her thoughts.
As that what the witches wanted, just a little mortal giving them what she was thinking and hoping to have her drive them out of the woods.
They lived there in hell for many centuries and wondered if anybody would ever come in to explore.
They dressed in ratty, tore up white dresses, that barely stayed on their bodies.
They’ve been stuck in the forest draining the life out of any other passengers that walked around their graves.
After years of people coming into the woods and never walking back out, obviously got everybody’s attention.
Yet, this little girl wondered into the woods without knowing the history of the sister witches.
By now, all they were looking for was somebody noble enough to feed, clothe, and offer them a place to stay after digging themselves up from the ground.
When the young girl discovered the witches, she was running from her own hell, and the witches saved her.
Because within five seconds of meeting they had read her mind and seen about the man who was after her.
They went by three trees and did a chant, and then different branches from the trees she had just passed, began to come alive and acted like they were holding hands and she saw her attacker by the last two trees; he was surrounded by them and he didn’t even know it.
The younger witch, said “spadać” and all of the branches above him fell on top of him in a flash; he was covered with them.
She had nothing to worry about anymore, but now that the witches saved her, she was now at the mercy of them and had no way of escaping the hell she’d come across with them at her side. 


3 thoughts on “Picture It & Write: The Tree Branches

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  2. I like how the witches saved her but they are still sinister. It adds a level of complexity to their character. Are they all evil or do they have some humanity to them? I wonder what happened next to the girl. Thanks for contributing this week, Meghan. 🙂

    – Ermisenda


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