Fun Moment With My Mom And Sister

Oh, it feels good to laugh out loud. Even if I was just laughing at my mother and sister for actually attempting to do this dance tutorial for a song just a half hour ago. God, it was hilariously good for my soul!

My mother had basically asked us both if we had heard Jason Derulo’s new song, “Talk Dirty To Me” and I had heard parts of it, but only that because between the album cover and title, I was sad that Jason had lowered himself to actually making a sexy song. I don’t know if any of you know this, but I’m tired of all of these dirty songs. As much as I tried to ignore it, the actual music is awesome. The lyrics are just another story for me. Anyways, my sister had said she had heard but she didn’t like it very much. That is very odd for her because she loves rap music. She can literally listen to Miley Cyrus music and not get weirded out about it. That must be a skill I haven’t mastered yet. After my mom had put me in my chair and Blondie finished getting ready, my mom found this video of three guys dancing to some choreography to Jason Derulo’s song. She watched it for a bit and then afterwards, she had to show the both of us these guys dancing and said to Blondie, “I want to learn this.” Well, I think my mom should keep the phrase, “be careful what you wish for” in her head for the next time she finds something such as this again.

It was around 6:30pm that they came through my door. My sister basically said, “get ready to laugh your ass off” and I immediately started freaking out inside because you know it’s never really good when nobody in your family says that especially with a smile on their faces. For some odd reason, they decided to do this in my room. Which is nice, don’t get me wrong or anything, but I was mainly concerned about my floor. It is not the best room to do any dancing or jumping around, because it literally feels like if you jumped five times your feet might go through the floor. So instead of moving everything to the living room where the floor is somewhat more steady and more room to actually dance. My room was basically turned upside down. Everything was pushed back away and they had to use my laptop (and thankfully YouTube worked) to get the videos at a good angle so they could watch the movements. It started off them watching the first video my mom found this morning and then as it started, at the top it said something about get the steps/tutorial so after failing the first three times for doing it with the first video. They switched over to the second.

Once they got going and the guy was teaching them the moves, my sister was getting a little bit faster than my mom. When they first started off my mom was by my door and my sister was over by me. I was still lying down on my bed because sadly I can’t do this kind of dancing. I can shake my hips a little bit and maybe some of the feet work, but that’s pretty much it. When my sister was on my side, I kind of felt a little bit safe. After learning the first eight counts and then switching to the first video to do it with the music. I could not stop laughing. If one messed up, the other did too. It just kept going back and forth. Before they did the second part of the dance, they switched places because my mom was using the door as her shield to keep her balanced. So my sister had her switch places and that was my cue to sit up and back up towards the wall. That ended up being a good idea because my mom kind of fell on my bed a couple of times after accomplishing different moves. I’m proud to say that both of them got through two eight counts of the dance. They have a little bit more to go, but my sister doesn’t go back until Monday so I’m pretty sure they can learn the rest tomorrow. Blondie has most of it, because after mom got through those two parts, she kind of got overheated and took a break. So she kind of kept on dancing. I didn’t move back until she gave up too.

We can definitely say that we’re a little tired of hearing “Talk Dirty To Me” at the moment. Blondie and mom’s feet have rug burn and their knees hurt. Probably their entire bodies too as the night goes on. Blondie told us today that she is taking a Zumba class in college and they actually give credit in it too. She has always danced since she was little. She tried being on the dance team twice, but it was so expensive that she couldn’t keep up with it. When she was in the sixth grade she was in a dance battle with another girl in her grade and I’m not sure who win it, but I do remember saying it was awesome! She can pick up dances pretty quickly but then again she does that with practically anything. My mom is a lover of Dancing With The Stars and she loves it, but I don’t think she’d ever learn ballroom dancing in general. She can do Just Dance on the Wii but she doesn’t do it very much. I think the last time she played it was a couple of years ago. It was either for Thanksgiving or Christmas, I don’t remember what holiday it was. I just know that if I played it my hips would break off, with this cold weather, they would just snap out of their sockets. Not a good thing is it?

Yeah, so that’s how my evening of fun went and now I’m going to listen to mellow music and hopefully eat dinner and go to sleep. I might try to finish Captain America first before I go to sleep, but I don’t know yet. I remember how tired I got after I ate so I could setting myself up for a disaster. Probably should just wait until tomorrow to finish it. Hope you enjoy your evening and your Sunday!

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