Picture It & Write: Medusa


The room was cold and damp after the rains that came last night.
The tiny animals scatter back to their homes.
The sunlight started reappear from the shattered windows, it burns my skin and eyes as I stare at my harsh reality.
The voices of the snakes above my eyes try to reason with me about coming out of the shadows.
Looking for more strangers to kill.
They will be locked in solid stone.
All they wished was to love me, but sadly after looking into my eyes the voices slither into their souls and turn them into stone.
It makes me sad that they make the rules and make everyone die around me.
Their venom doesn’t work on me.
When one dies after so long, it comes out of my sclab and everytime I stomp it to the ground and make it suffer to regain life again.
How does it feel to not be enough to survive without the others?
One by one, they die.
Just like everybody else.
When will the venom kill me next?
Please let it be soon.


4 thoughts on “Picture It & Write: Medusa

  1. So sad to want to die. I have always wanted a super power but this person seems to be capable of so much, and yet still wishes to die. It is not worthwhile living like that if you are constantly facing the deaths of others. Cool little contribution, Meghan. I hope you had a great start to the new year. 🙂

    – Ermisenda


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