Trifecta Writing Challenge: Tush

Rules for Trifecta Writing Challenge:

Write a piece for the word, using the third definition. The piece must be no less than 33 words and no more than 333 words. You have to use the word given to you. PS: I’m not really familiar with Hanukkah, so I apologize in advance if I get some things wrong. I did look up certain things I wasn’t too sure about, but the rest I’m still on the fence about though. I hope you like it anyways and get a good laugh out of it. Oh, by the way, the word prompt is actually TUSH so I had to make it kind of humorous.

Three days after Thanksgiving, it was time for Hanukkah.
It is always a heartwarming holiday in my family, because it’s more than just a tradition.
It’s about being around family and enjoying our time together.
One time, while my grandparents were sleeping and my parents, aunts, and uncles were cooking for dinner.
My brothers, sisters, and our cousins were playing in the living room.
We were just playing a nice game of cards.
It somehow got turned into a wrestling match after I lost one of the games.
My little sisters and cousins laughed at me and but I wanted revenge against my older brother who beat me.
So we began to wrestle around on the floor and it lasted only five minutes, or until my aunt came in and told us to knock it off.
He stood up and helped me up, but let go of my hand too soon and I stumbled to keep my balance and I fell over backwards into our family’s table that had our menorah on it.
We had already had three of the candles lit and leave it to my tush to fall on the side of it.
I had long hair at the time and after being on the floor, the hair bow came out and I ended up catching my hair on fire.
Everybody in my family freaked out because not only was my hair on fire, but so was my shirt too.
While my siblings and cousins were laughing, all of the adults were mad.
My grandparents were just glad I didn’t take out the lights with my tush when I fell.
Now every year, somebody in my family makes a joke about it.
This year my fiancée is joining us and I’m afraid that will be the first story my grandparents or oldest brother will tell on our first night together.
Oh, well it could have been a lot worse than it turned out be.

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