Picture It & Write: Beg For Mercy (R)


He was mine to control, to dominate, to love.
He was just a toy to play with and that’s all that matter to me.
I’m sure he hated me after the way I hated him.
There were times I wanted to kill him and see him bleed for me, but I wouldn’t be able to get rid of the pain inside.
If he haunted me in my dreams at night, with the images of his face and body.
He could haunt me every day and night.
He would be able to touch me and make me feel cold inside.
He would take revenge on me because I used him to my adventage.
He looks at the floor, staring at my heels.
He knows better than to look directly up at me.
His hands are tied behind him, but he’s a loose cannon.
He is not the most patient man.
Always wants and needs.
He doesn’t understand that I have needs and desires too.
He doesn’t care.
He tries though, when he’s been punished enough, he wants to show his love for me.
It’s the only time I’ve ever loved a man in my life is when they beg for mercy.


7 thoughts on “Picture It & Write: Beg For Mercy (R)

      1. Wow! Thats a lot of words! I started that short story in September and I don’t even know how many words I have. I have ten sections though. I don’t really call them chapters exactly, because I don’t want to call it a “novel” more like a “short story” lol


  1. Wowsa. That’s very sinister. I can sense the conflict and the power struggle between the two. An interesting premise. Lovely to read another one of your works, Meghan. 🙂

    – Ermisenda


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