My Masquerade Of Beautifully Mastered Music

I’ve always been the person, that I liked what the person’s face and body, but I even liked their music. That’s what I went through with pop music and sometimes rap too. Now that I’ve been into both dance and metal music throughout the last few years, I’ve realized that its better to listen to everything with your eyes, than paying more attention on the look of the person. I’m always been about wanting a person to look at myself than just a person in a wheelchair, I should treat musicians the same way. That’s why I’ve been against backstage passes and stuff. I don’t want to make myself just another sob story to them. I’m a strong person. Yes, I’ve obviously got some physical problems, but there’s more to me than just that. Everytime my mom jokes with me about going backstage or sneaking backstage, it literally makes my stomach cringe. She recently brought it up because my sister wants to see her idol Demi Lovato. Honestly, for her I would throw away my pride and do it for her, just so she could meet her. I would be happy solely for her. Back to the main subject, I’ve been pride of never been stuck on one genre of music. I’m literally everywhere.

I’ve talked about my music preferences before and the reason why I do, is because I try to highlight a part of me that has changed me in some way. Recently I’ve been listening to Leaves’ Eyes and they are a symphonic metal band from Norway. Liv Kristine has actually made it on my “Influences” list. I love her operatic voice and it’s soft too. I’ve recently listened to some of their songs and they have this celtic vibe, like “Spirit’s Masquerade” and I just love that! It makes the song just bright and fun, but it also makes it so mellow too. I have blogged about my love for the ladies of Celtic Woman. Well, ever since I’ve been listening to Leaves’ Eyes, I’ve missed their music. So tonight I’m listening and watching live clips of their songs. I love “Awakening,” “Nocturne,” and “Black Is The Colour” and I just think they sound so beautiful. I’m not necessarily paying attention to their voices, more focused on the sounds throughout the songs. That’s what truly makes them beautiful.

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