Picture It & Write: The Tomb Of The Crawford Sisters

by Kyle Thompson
by Kyle Thompson

“Have you ever heard of the legend of the Crawford sisters, Jack?” said Karla, who set her history book on the kitchen counter waiting for his response.
“Yes, I actually have. Do you have to learn about them for your history project or something?” Jack said as he poured milk in his glass.
“No, I heard a bunch of students talking about them while our teacher assigned us something else. So are you going to tell me about them?” Karla said as she got comfortable in her seat.
Jack put the milk jug back in the fridge and shut the door before walking away from it and Karla to sit back at the kitchen table.
“So…” Karla said, feeling a little bit impatient.
“All right, the myth of the Crawford sisters is rather simple. They were from a long line of royalty, and after being ungrateful and rude to their people they were sent to the bottom of a pit and forced them until they were ready to serve their country with honor, than disgrace.” Jack said to his anxious, confused sister.
“So they’re frozen down there? How are they frozen?” Karla asked.
“Simple, a witch put a spell on them.” Jack said as he took a drink.
Karla looked annoyed and knew better to believe him.
“If you don’t believe me than I’ll take you to the “grave” if you want to call it that.” Jack said standing up now and reaching for his jacket.
Karla wanted to know about them, and this is the way to find out.

As the siblings arrived to the center of the woods, they walked seven miles before reaching their destination.
Jack stopped his sister who was thankful for the break.
“We’re here” Jack said, as he turned back towards Karla.
They each looked around and there wasn’t anything telling them about the Crawford sisters at all.
If somebody was just walking along they would have fallen right into the pit.
People have known to do that and seen the sisters’ eyes move rapidly towards the person.
“They’ve been trapped down here for a hundred years. Everybody in their family has died, there’s nothing left but them.” Jack said as he made a circle before deciding to walk back to the car.
“Are you coming with me?” Jack said as he continued to walk away from his younger sister.
“No, I think I want to stay a little longer.” Karla before jumping into the pit.
“KARLA! NO!” Jack screamed and ran back.
“I’m all right!” Karla yelled back as she landed next to the sisters, the water wasn’t cold at all and she waited to see their eyes.
“What are you doing down there?” Jack said as he held his flashlight towards them.
Once the light hit them in the right spot, Karla begin to see life come back to the sisters.
As their eyes started to move as fast as they could at her.
But there was one thing neither Jack or Karla knew the sisters could do.
One of the sister’s wasn’t as frozen as everybody thought they were.
Karla noticed a tug of her right sleeve and looked down and saw an almost statute like hand slowly turn to normal again.
“Oh my god! They’re changing! Karla, you need to get out of there now!” Jack yelled into the pit.
Karla was too memorized and watched all three sisters break the ice off their bodies.
They sprang to life as if it hadn’t been a hundred years since they were put down here.
Three sets of blue eyes stared at Karla and they said in unison, “family.”
Karla looked back at her older brother for guidance.
He obviously forgot to tell her something about the sister’s family after all.


7 thoughts on “Picture It & Write: The Tomb Of The Crawford Sisters

  1. That would be terrifying. Although, it’s a bit extreme to throw them down there for being ungrateful and rude. Imagine if all the youth of today who were ungrateful and rude were thrown down into a pit. Maybe we’d have a much more grateful lot than we do now. 😛 Cool story and love the creepiness of the sisters.

    – Ermisenda


    1. Yeah, I’m glad I’m humble for everything I have. I think accepting that part of me has changed everything for me. I’m much more calmer and patient. I’m definitely the opposite of the sisters, but I think we would need a bigger pit to fit the other ungrateful people in the world.


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