Ketchup With Us: Movember

So I was about to go look at today’s Free Write Friday prompt, but I remembered it’s 15th, so you know I have to do that one today. I wish that the ladies (Mel and Michele) that run Ketchup With Us would do these like three times a month. I don’t like how there’s such a big gap. For the last few days I’ve actually been waiting and looking forward to it. The prompt for this week is very easy this time around. However, I don’t think my dad would like his picture on my blog, so I’m skipping that part. Instead I’m writing 57 words about him and his beard. I don’t know if it will count really, but this is the best I got. Fear the beard.


In the beginning, everybody hated it and didn’t understand why he wanted to grow it out. After I think two years maybe, the man can pass for Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty. Crazy thing is, he has had people tell him that. You should see it when he drives his motorcycle. It goes everywhere from the wind.