Stubborn Man

I’m really sorry that I didn’t post anything on here last night. I got up pretty early and by the time we got home last night, I was pretty exhausted. I need to catch everybody up of what’s been happening the last two days. On Friday, my dad had an innocent surgery on his foot. It wasn’t a major surgery like the last one he had a few years ago, but it still involved his foot. Anyways, when he got home that day, he was in a lot of pain you know. Well, come Saturday, he was somewhat weak, wasn’t in the mood for walking and the time he did walk wasn’t that great. I remember sitting in my nana’s office trying to move clothes out of the way so he could go into the bathroom. He can’t fit his walker in the actual bathroom, so it kind of sticks out and then he has to grab a hold of the doorway, the knob, and the sink. For a person, such as myself sitting in a push wheelchair, and thinking “please don’t fall!” about three times. Once he was walking with his walker he was fine. He was slow, but that’s good though! Well, early Sunday morning, while my nana was still asleep, my papaw fell. He was reaching for his fan and fell. He told everybody at the emergency room that he got dizzy and just fell. He had an MRI done that morning, my mom went with him. I didn’t find out about all this until 7:30am on Sunday.

So after my mom’s long night of fun, she went back to sleep. My sleep got mixed up because apparently I was just going to sleep off and on all day long. Around 3pm, my mom decided that she was going to take me to go see him. We took my electric wheelchair and it hadn’t been used really since last weekend when we went out-of-town. It went from having four bars on the controller, to having one and it was beeping by the end of the night too. Sunday night, he was okay. I don’t think anybody wants to be in a hospital. For some odd reason, majority of the males are pretty big about this. He talked about how good the food was and about the crazy stories. Some he literally just thought of at the top of his head. It wasn’t as bad, it was a pleasant time with Papaw. This is what we’re used to. Well, yesterday morning my dad went to go see him. He watched him have his breakfast and then he got to go walking with the therapy girls. He was in the right place mentally, but however thought that since my dad was there that he was going to be taken home. My mom and I didn’t go up there until 3 or 4pm. We were there for a few years and the Papaw I saw on Sunday night wasn’t really there. He kept getting really confused. He kept picking at his IV and wanting somebody to take it out. He wanted to sit up and stand up, but he’s not allowed to do neither of those things by himself. By the end of the evening, he didn’t know the room he was actually was his room. And to tops things off he thought he was at the zoo. Which I can see a hospital being called a zoo sometimes, but this is really weird to all of us. He didn’t hurt his foot, he didn’t fracture anything in his leg that landed on and his head was fine, but something is obviously wrong of course.

I’m really hoping things get better for my Papaw, seeing him in that state of mind was kind of scary. My dad actually told my mom that she should take me home, but we were so afraid that he’d try to get out of his bed again. I don’t think I would have let my mom take me home for just that reason anyways, because then everybody else would be confused too. I’m a pretty optimistic person and I have a strong will that says he’ll get better. He’s just going to be stubborn as hell, but then he’s always like that. It’s finally a new day though, I think they are going to switch him to rehab today. He also has to do therapy too. Yesterday when I got up early, I actually thought my dad was in the other room and I didn’t want to get into trouble for being up so early so I actually watched Sunday night’s episode of Witches Of East End on mute. Come to find out like two hours later, he was just on his way home from hanging out with Papaw. I don’t know if he went this morning and is still there with him because we were supposed to get our first snow last night. Can you believe it? First snow in the beginning of November? Oy! When we left last night around 6:30pm it was cold, but not as cold as it could’ve been. So I don’t know if we got anything really. After we got dinner on our way home, I started getting really, really tired. My mom thought that once DWTS was on I’d get my second wind. Well after eating, watching two dances and finally getting warmed up this chick passed out. I only saw three couples dance and I still don’t know who went home.