My Birthday In 1918 Words

October is always a hard month to get through and I think if anybody has a birthday at the start of the next month can agree with me. Because that entire month before just feels so long and keeps dragging. Well, for the last two weeks of last month, I had told everybody in my family that I wanted to do everything we did last year, just minus the Starbucks coffee. Another thing the night before is also a b*tch to get through too, because you’re just overly excited that you can’t control yourself. It doesn’t really matter how old you are either, if you have things planned to do on that day than you get excited that you can’t contain it. You’ve been holding it in for whatever long you’ve been holding it in for and it’s time to release it. Well, that’s how I was last night. I was dead tired (hey I made a funny!) and as much as I wanted to stay up until midnight, I knew that wasn’t going to be an option. My mom had told me that we were getting up very early to begin with, so I knew I had to get lots of sleep or I wasn’t going to be very fun to be around. Even though I didn’t go to bed to at least 12:30am, I still managed to get up three hours before my mom’s alarm went off. Somehow after noticing it was 5am, I went back to sleep and got up an hour later. I had just enough time to start on my “birthday wishes” that flood my Facebook every year. I also did my Ketchup With Us post too!

When my parents got up this morning, they were “good” in a sense. Dad was in a weird mood. He was seriously cracking jokes for most of the morning and my mom got my hair washed and got me dressed. I had two different outfits that I had been thinking about wearing for today. It’s been a while since I’ve worn my neon animal print leggings from Body Central. I miss those pants, but I can’t wear them when I go to my nana’s for the fear of falling out of my chair. I would have worn just a plain black T-shirt with it. Yesterday afternoon I got the idea of wearing my “Rocker At Heart” tank top that I got from Wet Seal, over my black shirt. So when my mom dressed me, she took the hint yesterday and put me in that and I got to wear my black leggings with white skulls she got two weekend’s ago, they’re also from Body Central. I was pretty much done than getting my hair brushed and grabbing my iPod, phone and bracelet before we left. We had attempted leaving the house at 9am, but we ended up leaving it at 9:30am. Yes, I checked before we left. We had to go over to my nana’s to grab my money that I have been working off for her for the last few months. Go me! After going back to the house because my mom forgot something, we went in the wrong direction than I thought we were going.

Honestly, the day after my sister went back to “The Dirty” as she calls it, she was talking to her friends that she was coming back on my birthday. I kind of figured she would show up sometime that day I just didn’t know how she was going to do it. I had told my nana that I knew but never told my mom or sister that I had read that. So when we were talking this “new way” to go where I thought we were going, I started thinking differently. My mom had told she had a surprise for me but I had to wait for the rightful time to get it. Well I didn’t know for sure where we were going until we passed Wheatland, that’s when my inner self was dancing in the backseat. So I had all that time to look out my window and daydream and observe my surroundings. I saw a deer run towards the road, but he was still pretty out in the field. I’ve actually never seen a real deer run in the field before and I just thought that was so cool! Everytime I go for long car rides, I like to look for hawks. I only saw two but I don’t even know if they were really hawks or not. They didn’t look like crows either. They almost looked like vultures to me. I saw a lot of horses, which I see as good luck. As for as many horses I saw getting there, I thought I’d have lots of good luck. That didn’t go well for me sadly. When we finally picked up Blondie, we “rushed” over to our first destination. Steak N Shake.

Last year, I had the less expensive meal. It was just cheese fries and a chocolate milkshake. Well, at first three of us were going to get what we had the last time, but Blondie and dad changed their minds. Blondie goes there with her friends, so she’s really loving their new milkshake S’mores. So dad had to try it too. Their orders were different, but mine basically stayed the same except with the change of my shake. Instead of getting a chocolate milkshake. I got cookies ‘n cream milkshake. It literally spoke to me to try it. Well, we had to wait twenty minutes for the shakes to come to us. Our food came to us first before they did. Once we did get our shakes, I could barely get anything out of my straw and after one taste dad was hooked to the S’mores shake too and my mom and I had to try it too. I’ve got to say it was pretty good and I don’t like real S’mores either and I can still say that was damn good. After we got done with our meals, we went to the mall. We walked around different stores like Charlotte Russe, Body Central, Spencer’s, and Hot Topic. It was very weird to go into Spencer’s and even though it wasn’t our normal store, like it wasn’t too crowded and small. It actually some space for my wheelchair to get around. I was pretty happy about that. The first two stores we actually went into were jewelry stores. One of the stores was the same store I had gotten my orange, spike cuff. We brought it for a key to find others like it. Well, the owner knew that’s what we were looking for and she basically had me try on different ones to see if they’d fit on my ankle or not.

I bought this thick cuff that literally could be considered a weapon, since the spikes on it are very pointy. It’s black and gold spikes and it looks very rock n roll I might add. That was the only one I bought from that store even thought I had my eye on a few others too. After we purchased it we left to go into Claire’s and I found my next bracelet. it is an elastic black bracelet and has small spikes and skulls on it. So I have two bracelets on my left ankle and one my right ankle. After we left that store, we went into Spencer’s and my dad had already went in there and saw the humor shirts and apparently liked the kid shirts the most. I was in still wanting some more jewelry, but I wanted to look around their shirts. I found some very skull-y shirts, but they were like $30 so they were out after seeing that kind of price. My parents found the music shirts and actually found two Five Finger Death Punch and I thought I was going home with both until they didn’t have the other one in my size. So I bought the army green one and now I have four Death Punch shirts. My dad regrets not getting that other one for himself. We went through three other stores after that and I didn’t buy anything else. Everything looks good online and they always seem to have more online anyways, but I was really disappointed that I wasn’t finding much.

When we actually left there, we left with only one bag which NEVER happens. Ever. My sister had to go back on campus to her last class of the day and we actually spent a little bit of time in her dorm room. I swear the more stuff they put in there and change their stuff around, the room gets smaller and smaller. I could barely fit in there and you should’ve seen my mom and I trying to get into the handicap bathroom. That was fun, but thankfully I didn’t run over her feet, not like she could’ve felt it with her biker boots on. When she went to her next class, my parents and I went to the campus Barnes & Noble. When we were there for family day back in September, it was very crowded and I was wanting to look at all of the book instead of the clothes. When we entered the place, it was very large, but sadly looks are very deceiving and I had my phone full of the three books I wanted and they didn’t have any of them. I was very upset. My mom said it best, the place sucked. My mom got my sister’s book she needed for her class and she and dad were sitting eating a pretzel. while I was mad that I couldn’t find anything that spoke to me like that milkshake. They found things, but I was very unlucky.

When we finally left, I looked sad and miserable. I was fine with how things turned out. Not every birthday is going to be like you thought. I did get one thing I knew I’d get and that was my sister. I did get more jewelry and I got to eat Steak N Shake. I’m just surprised I came home with more money than I thought I would. When we got home, all of the kittens greeted us at the door and things just kind of went back to the way they were before. That’s not to say I didn’t have a good day though. Here’s what you have to realize, it could have rained all day long. As many times that dad had to pull on the brakes, we weren’t in a car accident. Blondie could have had a full schedule of classes today and couldn’t come hang out with us. My wheelchair could have crapped out in the middle of the day (which it almost did) and I could have hit something and broke it. I had a good day today and I am glad I asked God last night instead of giving me a good day, he did what I asked for, I asked him to let me see the positive outlook on things if the day wasn’t going in the right direction. So the next time you complain about not getting out and doing things or your day isn’t going as happened, just think of the ways it could have gone in another way. Take everything positive and switch them around. Plus, you can always ask God for some guidance too. Good night.

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