What’s Real

Today was a regular Monday that everybody hates, but for me it started out pretty good and I got a few surprises throughout the day. Everything was going good until five in the afternoon, things got a little shaky for me. I honestly don’t have an answer for why I was feeling blue because everything I was doing in the morning, I still doing then, it’s a mystery that I don’t think Scooby-Doo could figure out. One of the surprises I got today was instead of just getting my hair washed, I got a shower. It was like two in the afternoon and yet I was smelling like coconuts and something else that sounded weird, but smelt amazing at the same time! Towards the evening, things started changing and I’m hoping it’s just because the shower wore me out and my body is just tired, but I think I’m wishing too much. Hey, I usually blame the weather so this is okay with me. Now I’ve got almost everything done. I’ve done my part on voting for next week’s elimination for Dancing With The Stars and I have to do my prayers after I get off of here.

“I’ve had whats easy, whats temporary, whats fun, whats boring, whats cool to look at and whats entertaining to listen to; NOW, I have no interest in encountering anything other than what’s real.”

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