Picture It & Write: Iron


Tatiana was a gypsy and a very beautiful one.
She travels in a small car with her family of five.
She is very different from most women.
She handles fire like she’s immune to the heat that flicks off the metal sticks,
In every party, she is the one who draws people in and creates another world for herself.
She gets lost in the magic of fire.
Tatiana was in the middle of her show when a strange man came into the small party.
He was greeted by the hostess and her husband.
She was just about to finish like normally, until she lost focus on what she was doing.
She lost control on her beams and her right hand missed the last toss and it landed on the side of the stage.
People started screaming and as she regained focus, she tried blowing it out, but it was too out of control for her.
The strange man leaned up against the stage and inhaled the flames and fumes to his body.
His skin changed to a deep red.
She had never seen anybody like him before.
She was hooked, but as she again lost focus into his devilish face.
The hostess and guests were overwhelmed with anger.
She didn’t hear them yell at her and ignored it as she heard the words, “you’re fired” out of her mouth.
The man was back in his skin.
He looked like a gentleman again, “my name is Hades.”
“My name is Tatiana.” she said almost in a trance.
She had never felt like this before.
She had never been in love with another person, other than fire itself.
She didn’t know what could come next for her, but she knew that she wasn’t going to this melt away.


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