Trifextra: A Monster In The Tub

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done anything to do with Trifecta. This weekend’s challenge seemed pretty easy, until I had to get the words down. Thank god Microsoft has that “word count” button. It’s a big life saver for me. Anyways, before I go on, I wanted to explain where I got the idea about this. When I was a kid, if I was in the bathroom at all I would make friends around the bathroom. Imaginary friends, had little names for the window, the tub, the sink, the rags, etc. I was lonely and apparently bored. So when I read about this weekend’s challenge those lovely memories came back to me and I decided to pull the idea from that. I hope you enjoy this little story.


Suzie stands by the sink to wash her hands. She hears a faint voice say, “Is the coast clear?” She looks into the tub. She starts screaming. “I guess not” said the tub.

Old Classics Like Ice Cream

I was a very bad person last night. I made this vow at the beginning of the year that I would blog for everyday even if I didn’t have any energy, I would post a quote or something instead. Well, last night I was extremely tired and I was literally falling asleep while my iPod was playing on my stereo. I had even ignored my sister who I guess was bored and wanted to get on Skype at nine o’clock at night. I even had socks on last night because it was so cold in my room. Thankfully my mom was too awake and took me to the bathroom, put on my sock (twice), and put on my elbow pads for me. It was just one of those nights for me. However, I woke up at almost the same time as I did yesterday, so I wonder if I’ll do the same thing I did last night, tonight? I’m just glad I did it on a night where none of my shows are on.

recordsOriginally, I was going to talk about yesterday in yesterday’s post, but since everything was a little loopy, I think that’s why I kept pushing everything back basically. So yesterday, I went over to my nana’s and helped her clean. I don’t know why but I hardly ever want to clean when I get home after helping her clean and organize. I have been thinking about getting another book shelf but I am literally running out of room. I have my shower chair, my new table, and something else in here that I’m still not yet ready to talk about on here yet. Sorry. Anyways, I’ve got too much shit in one tiny little room. When my mom rearranged my bed a few months ago, I thought I had gained a lot of room that I didn’t have before. Well, in the last few months after that I’ve lost that space. I think there’s an old children’s desk that needs to go because it’s old and almost on its last limb. I have all of my sister’s trophies underneath it. Everything that is on top of that table needs to be in a bookshelf. I have a real bookshelf, but it’s got all of my stuffed animals in it.

Anyways, we were in the mist of cleaning the first row and the top of the actual bookshelf and it’s was very strange to all these different books completely covered in dust. When I was a kid, I can remember scooting from each end of their living room and just looking at these huge books and wondering what they were. Well, I think I figured out what they were yesterday. Most were the books given to the aunts. Which are my Papaw’s aunts. They used to live in that house prior to my grandparents. We found some science books that are my Papaw’s, A few old Bibles. Once we found a back to the first shelf, I thought we needed a box and thankfully Papaw had an unused box by his chair so I grabbed it and we started putting his old Basketball tapes in there. That was another thing from the 90’s that you can still find in that house. I swear I think they have something from every era in that house. The house is probably the oldest of anything (doubt it) in that house. It was built-in the 1800s I think. Nana’s told me the exact date, but I’ve slept since then. We started pulling out these different tapes, some we could read what there were and the rest not so much. One we found I actually liked, it was Apollo 13 on VHS. So old, so nineties, but yet so cool! You miss those days after finding them.

Something like that happened for my nana. This usually doesn’t happen too often, because she’s still on Adam Lambert, but after we got done with our mini break and basically had made an excuse to get the hell out of that living room. After all these years, that living room gives me a weird feeling. It’s like somebody’s watching you, but since that room is so big, you think that person is either directly behind you or looking at you from the stairs. I’ve always hated those damn stairs. Even when we lived there, they just creeped me out. I usually try to stay out of there by myself because it just paranoid’s the crap out of me and everybody likes to tease me for it. So back to the story, while my nana and I decided to switch sides, because I thought it would be better for her to move everything around since she’s used to her surroundings in that little corner. We started working on the top of the book shelf and she started wiping off the dust from the old books. We found books that she got from a yard sale and they were facts about the surrounding states, plus the state we live in and they were just huge books and somebody was just giving them away. So nana just snatched them up. Once she got most of the other books put at the side. We found something really neat, well at least I thought it was neat.

We found this medium stacked row of old records. I’ve been trying to rack my brain if anybody has ever shown me a record before and I’m pretty sure they have, because growing up, you knew Papaw had them because that’s all he talked about was Stan Kenton. I’m pretty sure he’s shown us a record or two, but my brain can’t think that far back. Well yesterday I got to touch one of these things. After seeing them in pictures and watching that part on Ray where they show you how they’re made. It was pretty cool! I had to get a picture of the two skinny ones, which we found out to be albums. My nana explained to me how sometimes, you can have a whole album on one record or two songs front and back. If we ever learned about records in elementary or middle schools, I sure as hell didn’t pay attention enough. After we cleared the top part off we took another break and I decided then that I wanted the rest of my Aunt Laurie’s ice cream that she left behind. Who knew vanilla bean ice cream would taste so good, but later on when you want ice cream again, there’s no taste to remember it by. That part sucked the most, but the next I go over I get to have my Chocolate Mint ice cream. I haven’t had that ice cream in a long time. I just hope the next time my dad goes over there, he doesn’t get any ideas.