Picture It & Write: Most Wanted

Jessica flicked her wings and off she went.
She kept hearing strange noises in the woods.
She is the most beautiful wood nymph, but she is was also blessed with being very paranoid as well.
The noises kept getting closer and closer to her the more she flew away.
As she was flying towards her family tree, she missed a tree branch and flew head first right into it.
The most beautiful wood nymph was also clumsy.
The noises stopped for a while until she woke up in a cave in front of a bonfire.
She gasped, “why in the world, would anybody be burning this precious wood?”
“To keep warm.” A strange voice appeared in the back of the cave.
A shape of a wolf appeared on the sides, Jessica was terrified.
The wolf came closer to her and turned into a very tall man.
“So you are a wood nymph, huh? I thought they were supposed to have all of the smarts of any nature creature out here?” He said.
“If you’re talking about how I ran into the branch, you need to hush, that was planned. Besides we’re not like the fairies. Even though my grandmother was one of them” Jessica said trying to be smart.
“Aren’t fairies supposed to be beautiful too?” He said.
“I have always been told that I am the most beautiful wood nymph in our colony. Well that was until my baby sister Sophie was born.” Jessica said in a sad tone.
“Why did you bring me here anyways?” She asked after checking over her beautiful gold wings.
“I mean, because nothing of me is broken, why am I here?” She said to him.
“Well, first off my name is Jack. I was turned into a wolf by a curse a long time ago. A witch put a curse on me and told me to wait a hundred years to be turned back. She also told me that only a beautiful half fairy and wood nymph can change me back into a human. If that’s not you then I have to wait another 18 years to be turned back by her sister Sophie. I don’t think I can wait almost two decades in this life.” Jack said as he tumbled onto the hard ground.
“How are you in a curse? So you turn into a werewolf, that’s cool!” Jessica said only to liven up the mood between them.
“Look at me! I do not like this life I’m into. I used to be a gentleman and now people are scared of me and I’m the only one left in my family. You have got to fix this for me please?” He pleaded.
Jessica was speechless, and quite frankly had no idea what to do about this at all.


4 thoughts on “Picture It & Write: Most Wanted

  1. Even though we romantisce being a werewolf, I do think it’d be pretty sucky. Especially if it’s the traditional “can’t control myself as I become an angry beast” kind of werewolf transformation. I’d love to read a story where the “most beautiful FEMALE SOMETHING” is surpassed by not a younger female but a younger male. That’d be cool… Anyway, interesting story with lots of room to experiment with. Thanks for contributing this week, Meghan. 🙂

    – Ermisenda


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