Never-ending Line Of Books

After last year I went to Barnes & Noble, I bought five or six books. I have only read two books and I bought my sister’s book that she read in about four hours. I remember when my mom and I were trying to find her, because I was done looking and we went around the whole second floor of Barnes & Noble. When we found her, she was literally sitting in the chair reading a book. She looked comfortable and content where she was at. When we went home, she was in the backseat with me and she was listening to her iPod plus reading the rest of the book. She actually finished it in the car. None of us, including her, thought she would do that because she hardly reads. I was very happy to get these books and thought I would finish these books, but I haven’t. I even have about four or five books in my Kindle still and I haven’t even finished them either. I’m becoming a slow reader, I don’t know what in the world is going on. I haven’t been in the mood to read anything. I would like to go to Barnes & Noble next month, even though this time around I am going to make sure that I separate my money between books and clothes, because last year I wasn’t very good at having enough money for both. My mom spent $20 that she was already going to give to me anyways, to the pants and T-shirt I got at the mall.

I have been looking (since last night) for new books. I have it narrowed down to three books, so I have enough money for clothes. As long as I don’t go looking to trade out one or two of the books I have chosen already. There is two books that I am kind of excited about, one is called, The Golden Girls of MGM by Jane Ellen Wayne.  The book is about the beautiful ladies of Hollywood’s golden era. Some of the ladies inside the book are Greta Garbo (who was an actress in the silent film era), Joan Crawford, Lana Turner, Judy Garland, Ava Gardner, Grace Kelly, and others. I am a fan of the roaring twenties and films of that time. Even though I have only watched one or two movies though. I am very excited about this book! Even my mom said that she might read it too. We both agreed that buying it on my Kindle wouldn’t work well because it had pictures inside. The other book that I am sort of on the fence is called, Stolen: Escape From Syria by Louise Monaghan. It is about a mother who goes to save her young daughter from her abusive ex-husband. They are both held captive and later escapes him. I want this book, but yet it’s more expensive than the other book. I’m pretty sure I’m not done making up my mind though.