Circles — Part Seven

Pregnancy photography :)A few years before Chloe and Hank had gotten engaged, they had been dating off and on for about six years. They started dating at their junior year of high school. They were so in love and there wasn’t a time where they were apart. If that happened, it was because the other one was grounded. Back then, Chloe was in the mist of celebrating her older sister’s new marriage and welcoming her first niece. Chloe never thought they would make it together after school was over. Honestly, nobody in her family thought it would, after the hell her mother went through. At the prime of their life, Chloe was trying to focus on her future, if in case, they did break up after they graduated. Hank didn’t like the fact that she didn’t believe in their relationship for it to last. So he decided to break up with her. It wasn’t the first time they went their separate ways, but this one was a lot longer. They were apart for more than eight months. She knew what he was doing and even though they were not together, she felt herself become jealous. Hank was around another girl, actually a few girls., one being Nicole Boyd.

Nicole was actually a childhood friend of Chloe, but a really old friend. They were neighbors when they were growing up and they were each other’s best friend. They had matching dresses, Barbie dolls, and every girl’s favorite necklaces. They were this way for many years, until after Chloe’s little sister Claire was born and her father left the home for good. Nicole’s mother Andrea was also friend’s with Sandra, Chloe’s mother. They were happy that their daughters were best friends, but when the town heard of Sandra and Chuck were separating, the entire town was mixed. Chuck was the man of the town and loved to help out anybody who asked him. However, that’s what got him in trouble most of the time too. Chuck was a fairly attractive man, his daughters got his beautiful looks, but they got their mother’s fears. When Sandra and Chuck went through separate ways, Andrea sided on Chuck and said that Sandra was the one who was in the wrong. The girls were in middle school, and they were in band together playing the flute. The fight for first chair was brutal in the beginning of the feud. Cat fights and name calling. They were normal girls. At the end of sixth grade, friendship was in the past. Nicole became the slut of the class and Chloe was nerd in school. Chloe always believed when she would get a boyfriend, Nicole would get very jealous and spread rumors about her. The hatred grew more and more with each passing year that they were around each other.

Hank knew how Chloe felt about Nicole, but they were done. She wanted to keep things the way they were, but she missed being in that relationship. She missed Hank. She wanted to think about her life first, because she had been so about her life as an individual for years and felt worried about her parent’s marriage that nothing about love looked appealing to her. Other than that, she definitely missed being around Hank and had heard he missed her just as much. While she was work, she had got told by one of her co-workers that she got something. When she walked back to her desk, she found a vase full of red roses. There was a card saying, “Sorry, I was wrong, I can’t live without you.” She couldn’t believe Hank could be that sweet. Chloe always figured he paid one of the ladies at the flower shop to write something sweet on the card for him because the writing wasn’t even in his writing. It was a good gesture though! After she got home, she called him and they got caught up on their time apart and Chloe felt a piece of joy talking to him again and when they decided to give it a go again. She never asked him about the girls he hung out with, and he never brought them up either. She felt like it was the best relationship in the world and after a while, her family started to love him as well!

Now after all these years together, here she was, with her husband’s child–well, possibly. As much as Chloe wanted to keep Nicole out of their honeymoon suite. It’s some nerve that she showed up while they were on their honeymoon, almost like she was planning this all along. Chloe wanted to chill out, and be cooled and collected, but her rage was peeking up behind her. The only reason why she hadn’t exploded on her former best friend is because there was a five-year old sitting on the chair, eating the leftover oranges from this morning’s room service, Nicole sat in the chair next to the small table with her young son, who looked more like her than Hank. The little boy sat quietly but smiled brightly at his mother and at Chloe. Hank was out walking by the ocean. “How did you know that Hank and I would be here, of all places?” Chloe said, as shr stood up against the doorway from the bedroom to the living area. “My mother called me yesterday afternoon when her neighbor came home from your gorgeous wedding.” Nicole said, “I still can’t believe he actually married you after telling me that he would be there for James. After I had him, I moved on and moved here. It’s always sunny and warm. Even though I moved away from Hank, I still wanted him to be a daddy to his son.” Nicole said as she rubbed her son’s curly hair down. Hank had curls when he was a baby, but every baby has curls. James wasn’t a baby anymore. He was five years old. Nicole was looking for her child support. That’s all she was there for; not for her son’s needs, but for her needs. That’s all she’s ever been.

Little James sat on his chair and asked politely if he could have a drink water. Nicole looked around inside her bag for a juice box, but didn’t find one. Chloe felt for the child. She left her place by the wall, to grab a cup from the cabinet and fill it with water. She brought it back and instead of giving it to Nicole. She put the glass on the table and watched the five-year old smile big and say “thank you” and grab it and attempted to get a sip without dropping it on the carpet.  Ten minutes later, they heard a key cling against the door. Hank was back from his walk and as he opened the door and saw his beautiful wife kneeling by James, he also saw an old girlfriend/one night stand of his. He was going to need a whole day to explain himself to Chloe. “What is going on?” Hank, said out of breath. “I don’t know, Nicole and her five-year old son James showed up a half hour ago saying you might be the father.” Hank turned his head as quickly as possible towards Chloe, who was now on the edge of tears. “He’s not mine, I swear! She even knows that. She even told me that he wasn’t mine.” Hank said, almost yelling at both of them. “Well, those others I was with, turned out not to be the father and you’re the only one left I was with at that time period.” Nicole said with her arms crossed. He turned and looked at little James, who looked distanced. “He doesn’t look like me. I mean, you were with other guys, how am I the only one left?” Hank said as he stood up again. “I wasn’t that big of a slut as many people thought I was in high school.” Nicole said, “Even though you have a kid.” said Chloe, as she tried to keep in her laughter. “Fine, don’t think you are the father. Take the test and let’s find out.” Nicole said, as Chloe looked back at Hank, “Fine.” Hank said in agreement.