For The Love Of Cats

Well, it is definitely feeling like fall outside. Even though, yesterday while I was at my nana’s, she said that it was supposed to get like 80s and the back in the 50s at night. Which I’m all right to get that low at night, but 80s doesn’t feel like fall like weather. That feels like we’re going backwards to me. That’s the ideal temp I’d want around summertime not in the 100s. Today, its gorgeous! There are some cloudy popping up around, but it didn’t look bad when I was out there. Now, however, it looks like we could get some rain tonight. Well, at least I got to enjoy some of the nice weather and sunshine while it was out. My mom took me to my nana’s while she did her errands and when we got back. My mom went to get my wheelchair and she left it outside and yesterday, my mom had told me that either I had hairs attached to the back of my pants or one of the cats have taken refuge on my chair while I’m gone. We found out that Wren likes sitting in my chair. My mom backed up my chair so I could see her just chilling in my seat. Tubby is the one that likes to climb up on the my lap when he’s in one of his moods. He does it every once in a while and I love it when it does, but he is a big freaking cat. He also loves to use his claws too! I sat outside while my mom was putting stuff in the house and Wren and Tubby were giving me lovings. Well right before I went back in the backyard, I got this picture of all four of them lying on the porch together.


When I finally went in the backyard, I was being followed by Stef, Wren, and Tubby. It’s usually just the twins, but I’ll add a third. Bootsie went to the other way. When I got up to the back porch, both tiny kittens hid from me. It’s very strange how Tubby and Rudy’s litter they were used to being around my wheelchair. They climbed it constantly. Tubby was the first to climb to the top of my chair, which is my headrest. I still have that picture somewhere of him in midair on top of my headrest. So cute and yet so tiny! Stef and Wren are still tiny and skinny. Everytime I move from front yard to backyard, they follow me. I love it! I think it’s so cute! I’ve heard of dogs doing that, but never cats. When I was going from the backyard to the front, I stopped to enjoy the beautiful breeze that came through, plus the tree root stopped me after I went over it. The twins stopped with me and laid out on the ground, and they were right by each other and I had to get a couple of pictures of them too!


While I go behind the house, I try to get the two little ones to come around me, but they are still pretty scared of everything. Bear especially! Everything that moves or makes noise she gets the hell out of dodge and she just runs as fast as she can get to the nearest hiding spot, which are the sides of the cage. Zoltan is a whole other story. He’s not as scared, actually more brave than his little sister. He also has a bit of a problem with following my mom around. Now that they have finally mastered the ramp to the back porch, he can go down it without any trouble. It’s so cute! My mom was taking stuff out to be burned and apparently little Zoltan went and followed her out. He’s used to her and mom, but not me yet. I did get a cute picture of Bear taking shelter from the heat of the sun, and I would have taken a picture of Zoltan meowing at the back door with the big cats, but the other cats were around him and covering him up with their bodies.


I’m inside now and have been for a while. My dad has been out riding the bike and sometimes, my mom plays “beat the clock” with the cats. She brings a cat in and when we hear the roaring of the bike, the cat has to go! Dad kind of likes the cats. We know he likes Wren and Stef, because he makes his voice go high-pitched and he’s all sweet to them. Well, mom brought in Tubby for me while I was writing the second paragraph, she brought Tubby in and now that I’m almost done, she brings in Wren. When Tubby was in here, he lied on my side, right on the edge of the butt. Wren is laying right on my blanket, purring away. She looks so cute, I wish I could take a picture of her, but she’s in an awkward spot and she might start moving from her spot if I try to get my phone around her. She looks like she could take a nap on my bed right now.

2 thoughts on “For The Love Of Cats

  1. I know precisely how you feel

    “UNO” was the main inspiration for my award winning children’s book. “A Lesson My Cat Taught Me”. [ ] The book’s intended audience is 5 – 8 years old. However it’s enjoyable by readers of all ages.
    UNO died on August 31, 2013, at the age of 13, from a hyperactive thyroid as my wife and I watched. We’d rescued her from the garage we’d parked our car in over 12 years before. Her one eye never stopped her from doing anything.
    We have a few pictures of her, and we’ll always have my award winning children’s book, to remember her by.
    The lesson she inspired for the book is the acceptance of others for who they are and not what they are. We can all learn a lot from our pets.


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