Trifecta Writing Challenge: Zombie

Rules for Trifecta Writing Challenge:

Write a piece for the word, using the third definition. The piece must be no less than 33 words and no more than 333 words. You have to use the word given to you.

It was another long day, and tonight would just continue to get longer, so I’m glad I already had plans to going out to the bar tonight.
“Hey, Jack!” Colleen said as she was washing up the bar with a rag.
“Hey Colleen, I’ve had a bad day, so prepare for a long night for the both of us.” said Jack, who looked like he had already have a few drinks before coming to the bar.
“All right, what kind of drink would have start your night out with me?” said the tall brunette.
“Please, give me a Zombie.” Jack said as he got himself situated on the bar stool.
“All right. So what kind of story are you going to tell me today Jack?” Colleen said.
“Have I ever told you when I first had a Zombie?” Jack said as he received his first alcohol drink of the night.
Colleen shook her head. She enjoyed hearing Jack tell her stories every time he came in.
“Well, it was in the early 40s, my family were going through the depression and we didn’t have much money, but there was an old bar in the neighborhood that was just closing down for the night and the owner saw us walking down the street and felt sorry for us. So he invited us inside and told us to get comfortable. The owner told my father that everything was on the house. It didn’t take my father five seconds from him telling him that before he was taking advantage of the free alcohol.” Jack said as he finished his first drink and waited for the second.
“Usually he was never in the mood to share anything with his kids. He was also a bad drunk too, but something happened and he gave me my first drink and it was the zombie.” Jack said as he gulped down his second and felt the buzz as it went down his throat, burning along.