The Mirror Never Lies — Part Six


So if you haven’t noticed. I didn’t necessarily finish up my part five, did I? As I writing it and creating different parts, other ideas started flowing around in my head. I finished the last section with Claire and Brenda sitting in Brenda’s kitchen, drinking wine, talking, and waiting for the cookies to finish baking in the oven. Brenda’s husband hasn’t come home yet and Chloe and Hank are on their honeymoon. I decided to make last section all about Brenda and Claire because I thought they needed some time together. There’s a back story to everything and we’re about to unlock some more stories from not only John’s past, but someone else’s as well!

*Ding!* “Thank god! They’re done!” Claire said, but as she tried to stand up from her chair next to her sister, she realized that she already had too much alcohol for her small body. It had worked a lot faster than she would have wanted it to, but she tried to clear her mind and stumbled over to the oven. Opened the door and went to try to grab the pan from inside, but forgot she didn’t have her mittens on, and felt a big sting on her fingers. “Ouch! Son of a bitch!” Claire said in a loud voice, angered with rage at her own ignorance. Brenda couldn’t help but laugh, seven glasses of wine has done a good job of making the girls feel better, but now Claire wasn’t just dealing with emotional pain, she was now dealing with physical pain as well. Claire grabbed the blue mittens, she slipped them on and glad that when she went to grab the pan, the heat wasn’t as bad as her first attempt. Brenda giggled inside her hand at her drunken baby sister. “Oh shut up, Bree!” Claire said, still in pain. She sat it on the counter and took off the mittens to run her burnt fingers over cold water. After feeling some relieve, the girls heard the door unlock. The girls’ eyes widen and they stumbled on their feet to find their mystery person.

“Ohhhh…” John said as he began to walk toward the kitchen. He was still weak from getting his ass kicked by his new brother-in-law Hank. Even though his cuts and bruises were slowly healing after going to the hospital like Chloe and Hank’s groomsmen made him go. “Oh shit.” John said at the sight of not only his drunken wife,. but his other sister-in-law Claire standing the kitchen. This was not on his agenda for the evening to deal with the both of them right now, but it wasn’t like he was going to be able to ignore them forever. “What are you doing?” Claire said, in a slight slur. She hated him to the core now and hoped this would play out better than she expected it too, but she knew Brenda well. She would fall back in love with John, if given the chance. He didn’t deserve it whatsoever. “I do actually live here, and Brenda, why are you allowing your minor sister drinking wine with you? What if the girls woke up?” John said, as cocky as ever. “I don’t think that’s much of your concern since you can’t even handle the slightest bit of wine anyways. It makes you “sick.” Or was that a lie too?”  said Brenda who was no longer in the mood to hear his voice at the moment. “It does actually make me sick if I have too much. You know that!” John said in an angry tone. “Claire would you like to sleep in my room tonight? So this asshole can sleep on the couch?” Brenda said, who didn’t want to talk anymore. “Sure, let me just get these cookies packed up.” Claire said back to her sister without moving her gaze from the John. “Great, I’ll grab another bottle of wine and bring our glasses. Good night John.” Brenda said as she walked away and left her younger sister with the love of her life. Alone.

It took everything to not punch John in the face. She packed some of the cookies into a plastic, but kept a close eye on John just in case. “Do we anymore beer left, or did you two drink that too?” John, said as he walked past his younger sister-in-law. She tried to ignore him, but that comment made her want to kill him. “No, asshole! We haven’t touch your precious beer.” Claire said in a sarcastic voice. John ignored her and opened the fridge door and grabbed a cold beer. She walked back over to the couch one last time to grab her stuff that was piled everywhere. She grabbed the clothes and cookies and tried walking towards Brenda’s bedroom when John stopped her. “You have to realize that I never meant to hurt your sister or any body in your family. I had a moment of weakness. That’s all!” John said, in a whisper. She looked at him, not seeing his soul in his eyes and told him, “Why are you telling me this and not your wife? Besides you had plenty of times to stop yourself as what I heard. Your damage has been done. Don’t let the door slam on you when leave.” She walked around him and opened the door to see her sister’s tears flowing down her cheek. As she slammed the door, John crashed onto the couch and turned on the TV to watch a rerun of a basketball game on ESPN. He had done wrong, he knew that inside, but how could he bring back all of the sorrow he had done? He wasn’t ready to lose his wife or daughters, but yet he felt like that’s what he had done so long ago.

When Chloe started looking at the text messages and started wrapping her mind back into the drama that surrounded her family once again. She wished she was there to comfort her sisters. Hank was her everything and couldn’t imagine him cheating on her, but she did hear about a time when he did kiss somebody else while they were on a break one year. She was devastated, but he promised that’s all it was and that he’d never do it again. She believed him with all her might, because she desperately wanted their relationship to work. She sat in their large gathering room in their honeymoon suite, eating the fruit that room service had delivered to them. She sat in her chair reading text messages and eating fresh strawberries and oranges. Hank was out running down the beach. Chloe had too much in her head to join him so she stayed behind. As she was finishing, she heard her door bell ring. She wondered who it could be. She didn’t order anymore food and knew Hank had his key with him. So she stood up from her chair and walked over to the peep-hole to find a woman and child standing before her. She thought they came begging for money, but still opened her door. “Hi, can I help you?” Chloe said gladly to the woman and smiled at the little boy. “Hi, are you Chloe Cohen?” It hadn’t been more than 20 hours since the wedding and it was still strange to hear her name like that. “Yes I am.” Chloe said, kind of wondering how this woman knew her name after a short period of time. “I’m Nicole Boyd.” Nicole…..Nicole……where have I heard that name? Chloe’s mind tried to figure it out, but no luck. “I’m sorry, Your name sounds familiar, how do I know it?” Nicole looked at Chloe point-blank and said some words that the newlywed didn’t expect to hear. “Your husband and I dated for about a year after you guys graduated.” Ahhh! It clicked it was the girl that he went out with when they were on there break. “And this is his son James.”