Picture It & Write: Invincible

picture it & write writing exercise
Impasse by TaniaLosada

“Dark in the day and night.
Stray dogs and cats raided the trash cans at different times.
Sally Brooks stood up against the still wet wall from the rain the night before.
She’s the only one out making sure she doesn’t have to work at the bar that night.
She didn’t know what job she hated the most.
The one that makes her use her body to satisfy others or serve alcohol to men who need to sober up and head home to their families.
Sadly, she’s had a few of her customers recognize her by both jobs.
It would sicken her to see them walking through the alley to be her next big tip.
She’s heard so many lies from these men; like they would protect her and lover her til the end of the world.
But even though they say that, they always seem to still want something from her.
She declines their offers with a smile and some take it easier than others.
Once a man got violent with her after not getting the response he wanted, but she told him that she just needed the money, not a relationship.
He chuckled at her as he grabbed both of her wrists and throw them down.
After releasing her, he slapped her in the face.
As he slowly began to walk away from her, it was like as he got closer to the sun, he melted away.
She felt lonely and scared.
She had mentally prepared herself for that kind of reaction a long time ago, but never had somebody treat her that badly before.
She still stood up straight, up against wall, waiting for the next one to arrive.”


3 thoughts on “Picture It & Write: Invincible

  1. Yikes. That’s some pretty heavy stuff. 😦 Poor girl. I hope she can get herself out of that situation. No one deserves to be mistreated like that. A confronting but raw poem, Meghan. Thanks for contributing this week to Picture it & write. 🙂

    – Ermisenda


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