Ketchup With Us: Signals Of Fall

So it’s the first of a new month. October to be exact! Since it’s the start of a new month, it also means there’s a new KWU post. It’s all about autumn/fall. I think Autumn is like one of the most beautiful seasons out of four of them. Spring isn’t very exciting unless you’re over the cold and snow. Summer is only fun when you’re a kid, but the heat just destroys your plans of going to festivals and such. If you don’t have a pool, summer isn’t as good anymore. And winter only brings white snow ┬áthat creates ice and causes accidents and the worst part about the winter and summer, you are worried about both the furnace and air conditioner going out. Autumn has the perfect weather and when the leaves start to change, it’s even better! So the ladies of Ketchup With Us (Mel/Michele) are asking what your signals of fall? Here’s my 57 words of signals:


On one half of a tree are pretty yellow and red leaves while the rest is still green. Blondie and mom switch out their flip flops for sneakers and boots. I always wear long pants, but when it gets down to 50s in the mornings, I have to wear my sweater and a pair of socks.