25 Sentence Halloween Inspired Story

I don’t think that Lillie that hosts Five Sentence Fiction is going to post a new word prompt until late tonight or tomorrow morning. So after looking at her archives, I’ve decided to make another 25 sentence story. Since it is Halloween after all, it is a witch themed. I’m into that new show Witches Of Eat End on Lifetime, it is a really good show, but if you’re afraid of the dark or hate watching horror stuff at night, I recommend recording it to watch the next day. Lately, it’s been getting a little creepy. Plus, it is Thursday too! It’s Vampire Day! The Vampire Diaries is on tonight, did anybody watch last week’s episode and bawl their eyes out? Yeah I did. Something else that broke my heart on that episode was the fact that Stefan burned his old diaries. Thanks Tessa for firing Stefan’s brain instead of Silas. You should have stayed on the other side. Okay, done rambling and onto my little story. I hope you enjoy it!


Emma was a good girl, but had her bad habits.
She was only nineteen when she found out about her family’s past and what she was; she was a powerful witch.
Growing up, the dark lifestyle wasn’t a secret, but her ancestors were.
Her family came from Salem, and while most of her great aunts were burned and hung from trees, the family line was still in tact.
One of her great-great-great aunts had a child out-of-wedlock and knew the truth would be out soon, so once her baby was born, she left it on a door step of another in-secret witch family.


Her mother told her about both sides of the families, the one that the baby was raised by and the her real mother.
This old aunt of Emma, was named Selma, even after her mother and extended family was killed she still stayed in that same place and even visited the graves to communicate with the dead.
Selma wanted revenge to the ones who killed her mother, so she put a spell on the killers families.
If they produce the next line of their family a witch of her family is to kill the other family’s heir.
After a 150 years, nobody bothered asking how those people found out about her family’s secret; she knew there was another story behind it and instead of killing, she wanted the truth.


Derek was the last heir of his long-lost family.
It took him years to find out the truth of why his family and the members before him never raised their children, he was just curious enough to ask his caregiver about the secrets.
His caregiver, Melvin told him about a my great-great-great grandfather killed a family of witches in Salem, and a secret child put a curse on his family that if they produced an heir that somebody of the witch family would come to kill him.
Derek was only 10 years old when he asked about the truth and was shocked and scared of his fate if a younger witch ever found him.
That’s why he and Melvin never stayed in one place longer than they should, as much Derek hated leaving a place he loved and the friends he was starting to warm up to him. he knew a witch could come after him sooner or later.


Emma had asked her mother about how she would know the next heir would be close.
She said, “oh you’ll know” like that helped.
Emma was a powerful witch, but she was a student first, always learning new things whether its math equations or spells.
Today was just like any other day in school, but getting to her classes she had a strange feeling; a feeling of anger, sadness, and horror.
Going into her science class, sitting down in her desk, as all of the students came in, a blonde hair kid came walking in with a note in his hand, “class, this is Derek Peterson, here why don’t take a seat next to Emma Slater,” the feelings intensified.


Derek sat next to a young brunette who never looked at him once, she ignored him to the fullest.
He was used to that kind of behavior from the other kids in new schools.
Emma was reading the chapter of their science book, to get a head start on homework.
Derek was confused of what the assignment, “Hey, can you explain to me about this section?”
Emma could feel her anger boiling up from the tips of her fingers down to her toes, the room started to shake and all of the books floated up in the air as the glasses exploded, the other students and their teacher were shocked and didn’t understand, but one person did understand, Derek knew he was sitting by the witch that has to kill him.


After her class was over, Emma went home and found her mother looking at her, “I know, wind chimes went berserk after you left.”
“You mean you can tell even though you weren’t with me?” Emma said to her mother as the left to go downstairs to the basement.
“Of course honey, I have to keep an eye out for you even if you’re gone.” Her mother said as she put her hands under her chin.
“So what do we do now?” Emma said as she looked inside the huge room with millions of containers full of supplies only a witch would need.
“You have to kill him, if you can kill him now then the curse ends,” her mother turned to Emma once again before pulling out her book of potions.

Trifecta: Boo! Boo! Boo!

Rules for Trifecta Writing Challenge:

Write a piece for the word, using the third definition. The piece must be no less than 33 words and no more than 333 words. You have to use the word given to you. Some of this is true, but the rest is fictional.

Mackenzie sat backstage with microphone in hand.
She took things very serious and trained her voice for this song.
She wanted everybody to like it–like her–but she was afraid of the backlash.
As she sat backstage on one of the chairs, she kept thinking of the negative thoughts.
The other girls were singing their hearts out to songs that didn’t match their style, voice.
She dressed in her red dress and had her brown hair down over her shoulders.
She let her mom put on red lipstick to give her sophistication she needed to feel confident.
But she could not escape her thoughts inside.
Boo! Boo! Boo!” they chanted at the end of her song.
She pictured herself running out off that stage like she was being chased by a monster.
She crumbled to the ground and as the others watched her cry her eyes out.
Nobody bothered to comfort her and she felt alone.
She knew that she wouldn’t win the contest.
“Mackenzie. Mackenzie, are you ready?” Mr. Tabor, her choir teacher asked her.
“Oh! Yeah, I just had the worst daymare ever.” Mackenzie said as she wiped her face with her hands.
“Daymare? What is that?” Mr. Tabor said confused.
“A daymare is a mixture of a daydream and a nightmare. You didn’t know that? You need to get out more.” Mackenzie said as she tried to drain her thoughts.
“You ready then?” Mr. Tabor said as he rearranged his music sheets before leaving her to gain herself.
The last girl walked backstage to go back upstairs with the rest of the girls.
She just smiled at Mackenzie like she didn’t have a shot in hell.
Well, Mackenzie was going to prove not only her wrong, but herself as well.

Little Blue Bird Named Zazu

I don’t remember the last time I actually a book. Is that sad? It’s got to be before summer ended, I do know that. The exact month, is a little shaky. I have a book that I had bought in the last bunch for my birthday and I thought I had lost it, meaning Blondie had it. Well came to find out when my dad rearranged my room he found the physical book and I had just bought it on my e-reader. Since the e-reader doesn’t have the page numbers down at the bottom like it should, figuring out what page you were on is a bust. I was going to try to read yesterday, I really had those urges to read again late in the afternoon, but kept getting distracted by Pinterest. When my dad came into my room after I got done eating lunch I finally had him get that book. So while he took a nap, I got myself rearranged and turned on Lion King, because when I had my mini heater on, my dad had to unplug my mini speakers so I couldn’t listen to my normal Phantom Of The Opera soundtrack like I usually do when I go to read. I know, I’m strange! Anyways, I got myself situated and I don’t think I should play anything that I know the words to it, because there’s a good chance that I might quote the damn thing. “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen…. Nobody knows my sorrow….” Trust me, that’s a lot better than getting “It’s a small world after all” in your head for the rest of the day. Oh, and by the show of hands who read both of those lyrics in Zazu’s voice too?  Anyways, I spent probably a whole hour just trying to figure out what page I’m on. I don’t think I’ve found it yet.

“If you don’t do wild things while you’re young, you’ll have nothing to smile about when you’re old.”

What’s Real

Today was a regular Monday that everybody hates, but for me it started out pretty good and I got a few surprises throughout the day. Everything was going good until five in the afternoon, things got a little shaky for me. I honestly don’t have an answer for why I was feeling blue because everything I was doing in the morning, I still doing then, it’s a mystery that I don’t think Scooby-Doo could figure out. One of the surprises I got today was instead of just getting my hair washed, I got a shower. It was like two in the afternoon and yet I was smelling like coconuts and something else that sounded weird, but smelt amazing at the same time! Towards the evening, things started changing and I’m hoping it’s just because the shower wore me out and my body is just tired, but I think I’m wishing too much. Hey, I usually blame the weather so this is okay with me. Now I’ve got almost everything done. I’ve done my part on voting for next week’s elimination for Dancing With The Stars and I have to do my prayers after I get off of here.

“I’ve had whats easy, whats temporary, whats fun, whats boring, whats cool to look at and whats entertaining to listen to; NOW, I have no interest in encountering anything other than what’s real.”

Trifextra: A Monster In The Tub

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done anything to do with Trifecta. This weekend’s challenge seemed pretty easy, until I had to get the words down. Thank god Microsoft has that “word count” button. It’s a big life saver for me. Anyways, before I go on, I wanted to explain where I got the idea about this. When I was a kid, if I was in the bathroom at all I would make friends around the bathroom. Imaginary friends, had little names for the window, the tub, the sink, the rags, etc. I was lonely and apparently bored. So when I read about this weekend’s challenge those lovely memories came back to me and I decided to pull the idea from that. I hope you enjoy this little story.


Suzie stands by the sink to wash her hands. She hears a faint voice say, “Is the coast clear?” She looks into the tub. She starts screaming. “I guess not” said the tub.