The Mini Short Story – The FSF Post From Before

After seeing some comments on my post for this week’s Five Sentence Fiction. I have done a short, short story. So the ones who requested it. This is for one. I went with a romance take to it. Hell, I even used the word prompt in it. It’s just one of those nights. (:

Erica has been working on her new routine all day long. It’s been trapped inside her mind. She has been looking for a new place to go because she always feels like she is being followed, but it is the only place with full length mirrors attached the long walls. She walks inside the small room and plugs her ole trusty boombox into the wall and grabs her iPod out of her pocket and plugs it into the speakers. She first plays something soft but as it continues on, it gets louder and more upbeat. It’s the perfect warm up song. After ten minutes of the warm up, she is ready to start getting these ideas out of her mind.

Tony works in the building. He works as a janitor and always has his headphones in his ears to make his job more enjoyable, but the fact that he has to clean toilets and the floor never gives him the same joy as music. Tony has been a hip hop dancer since he was able to walk. He practices everytime he gets the chance, even at work. He makes sure the hallways are empty first before he starts his stunts and uses the mop as one of his props. One of his favorite time of the day is when the girl Erica comes to practice in one of the empty rooms in the back of the building. She has found him starting at her through the window in the door, all she did was smile and give the finger. He didn’t have a chance for the world with her, but he couldn’t help but fall in love with her dancing.

Tony has wondered about a room right next door to Erica’s practice room. It has been jammed for years but today, it actually came loose when he put the key in. To his surprise the room was pitch black, but the only light that came through was the light from the room next door. The mirror was a two-way mirror and finally he could watch her beautiful body dance and he couldn’t get caught. Yes, he waved at her like a little kid when he first in the middle of the room. He didn’t bother to turn on the light in case, it went through the next room. That’s all he needed was to get caught now. Erica was more of a ballet dancer that was just discovering her hip hop side. He wished she’d let him teach her things to make her more relaxed.

As Erica tried to get most of the dance moves out of her head. She felt a weird feeling as she was being watched. She walked over to the middle of the room and the song started over and she started again, this time she didn’t count in her head, she just went with the flow, but as she went through the moves this time around she felt like somebody was practicing along with her. Tony undressed out of his janitor suit and tossed his iPod out of his pocket and took the headphones out of his ears and jumped as the next move. It was a scene from the movie Step Up, but the only thing was neither one knew what was going on with themselves. He did the same movements she did and gave some of his flavor to it. When backed into the mirror, she felt the force in the mirror even more. She raised her higher and Tony walked towards her and felt her energy and put his hand to hers as it was magnetic. They just stared at each other not knowing if they could see each other or not. At that moment, they didn’t care, it was an incredible feeling anyways.

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